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I'm Nathan, I'm currently a History Student studying in the UK

I've always been really passionate about acting and I loved throwing my voice for characters. I then realised that voice acting was a thing! So here is my best attempt of jumping head first and seeing how I land. It's true compared to some of the other profiles on here, I am inexperienced, but know that I have a strong passion and a need to learn

If you would like to contact me feel free to use Discord!

Discord: GoldenGoofy#0118

Thanks for your checking out my profile! Best of luck with all your future projects and auditions!

  • @gamesjayplays

    His voice was pure perfection for the role I cast him as. He had to portray a school mascot with his own entire scene. Every line given to me had emotion and soul in it. He gave it his all and not a line was thrown away. You're in good hands if you pick him :)

  • @xxqmanxxp2b

    Excellent voice work very professional, captured the intensity and intimidation of his role "The Dictator"

  • @star-wars-audio-comics

    I cast Nathan as Emperor Palpatine for what was going to be a rather large amount of dialogue in a particularly straining voice. Not only did he deliver his lines over a week before the deadline, but all of his recordings were of excellent quality, and the project was able to move forward without a hitch. I would happily work with Nathan again in the future!

  • @stuffedchicken

    I cast Nathan in a crucial role in my project and he knocked it out of the park. He delivered an incredible performance on a very fast turnaround and was a delight to work with. His amazing voice and superb acting were exactly what the role needed and I can't imagine it having turned out half so great without him! I can’t recommend him highly enough. I’d be thrilled to work with him again and if you get the chance to do so, take it! You’ll be glad you did!