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About Bastard Webcomic (English Fandub)

Hey guys!! I’m gonna be directing a dub of the webcomic, Bastard. This project is something I look forward to dubbing and directing, so be sure to check out the trailer! 
Jin Seon is far from an Ordinary High-School Student. For one, he’s raised by his single father Dongsoo Seon, the popular and charismatic CEO of an influential company. For another, due to a severe childhood “accident” that stripped him of his memories and the use of his left eye, he has artificial valves in his heart and pins and plates in his joints.
Also, his father is a serial killer, and Jin is his unwilling accomplice.

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I have casted myself as Jin for the project and I have also casted my Dongsoo and Manny Kim.

Dongsoo Seon VA (George DeLorean): BTVA , Youtube

Manny Kim VA (Jack "Splater kin" Touchton):  Youtube 

But even with them having been cast, I still require more VAs. Characters like Kyun Yoon are essential to the story and very diaologue heavy. I hope that with this Casting Call, I will be able to get VAs that are willing to help me bring this dark webcomic to life. Be sure to check out more Manhwa on and download the app LINE Webtoons


A bit of ground rules:

  1. 1. All audio should be sent in a .mp3 format. Be sure to record in 44100 Hz, mono track, and a 32-bit float. Other formats such as .ogg, etc. will not be considered. 

  2. 2. Meeting deadlines is MANDATORY. With the exception of emergencies that are notified in advance. (EG: You have a trip coming up within the next week and will be away from your recording equipment, LET US KNOW.)

  3. 3. I will be lienient on mic quality. Mic quality doesn’t have to be topnotch, grade A professional, but your built-in mic on your computer will not cut it. I reccomend that you do NOT use a computer mic for recording.iPad, iPhone, or other should be fine. (However, the better your mic quality, the more likely you will be cast for major roles.)

  4. 4. Please double check the sound quality before sending in auditions and lines.

  5. 5. Use Noise removal for your lines/auditions. Be sure to clean up any background noises with noise removal on Audacity for each audition, as well as sending in lines if you are cast. 

  6. 6. A pop-filter or something that serves a similar purpose is highly recommended.

  7. 7. Re-Auditions are accepted, as long as they are specified as such.

  8. 8. If you have an accent of some sort, it does not count against you.

  9. 9. You must be comfortable with swearing, yelling, etc. for other characters.

  10. 10. Be sure that your audio MUST NOT CLIP OR PEAK when sending lines/auditions. 

For each character, I will require that you do THREE TAKES AT MAX  for each audition.

If you are cast, be sure to keep your bloopers for a blooper reel that will be made in the future.

Next casting date has been assigned to the 23rd of July

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold