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About My Little Pony ASMR - Luna Audition

Dear Voice Actresses,

We are the staff of PonyASMR and as the name suggests, we produce audio role-plays featuring characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. While our fan base is somewhat small, those who do come across us greatly enjoy what we make; our Patreon brings in a fair amount of money, which in turn allows us to pay our voice talent well.

We are now looking for one actress to portray the most requested pony of all: Princess Luna. It is a pretty tough role but we know that there's a lot of great voice actresses around that can rise to the occasion.

The recording consists of two parts:
First, there will be a regular script that you will read (including a short trailer script), which is rather standard. We ask that you simply record the lines and send them to us as you would for any script.

The second part consists of a few unique lines which we will use to create custom versions for some of our patrons. In essence, you will re-record some of the lines with minor alterations.

You will be given half of your compensation after the first part is complete, and the rest when the custom lines are finished. We will pay you a set percentage of our earnings from the episode, which will come to at least $400 USD. It is very likely to be more than that, but we promise $400 at the minimum.

What we require from you, apart from having a fitting voice for the character, is that you have a good microphone as the audio quality of our episodes needs to be top-notch.

We want to find a Luna soon to get the trailer and other preparations ready, but the recording of the episode itself should begin in early 2020. We looking forward to hearing from you and to creating another wonderful installment for our community!

Break a leg!

- The PonyASMR team

About the Creator: ponyasmr

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