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    About Agents of Havoc Series

    Agents of Havoc is a western anime that is currently being developed by A Very Intricate World Productions with writing and story by Rose Copper.

    The demon Hotaru works to protect a human put under his care, Ayame, from the power of the demons seeking to take her soul as they work towards catching an illegal demon, Katsu, in the midst of the ongoing war between Heaven and Hell.

    Main/Recurring Characters

    (Italicized means the role is cast, so please don't ask.)

    Ayame Kimura 
    Hotaru Hayashi
    Masa Tsukino
    Katsu Yoshida 
    Yuki Mori
    Ako Suzuk

    Minor characters: 

    Dai Hideki 

    Osamu Matsumoto 

    Masao Yamada


    There are certain things that go into an anime that I have yet to actually have. I would also like a composer for an OST. While I have ways to get both of these without having to search for anyone, it doesn't hurt to look for someone, despite how ambitious it might be to look for someone who will work for free.

    Here is what I would be looking for:

    - Composer

    -Theme/End song singers


    If you are interested, I will be leaving these below so that you can leave your experience and criteria in your production audition.

    You might be asking, "Am I qualified?"

    Well, here are the rules!:

    1. A good microphone/editing system/mic quality is required. If you can't audition with that quality but are able to obtain it some time soon, then please explain that in the audition.

    2. You MUST be committed to the project. If you feel like you'll have anything conflicting with getting lines done, then don't audition. If something random and unexpected were to come up while doing the show, then you will be able to contact me and we can definitely work something out.

    3. You must be agreeable enough to not cause drama in a group call/chat. You're definitely more than welcome to get acquainted and know one another (I'm hoping for this cast to become very close) just no "he said' "she said" spats. You will be kicked from the project.

    4. Skype is a great and preferred way to keep in contact. I will be making a group chat for the cast members, so please make a skype if you don't have one already.

    Other than that, there's nothing else to conflict, so you're more than welcome to come in and join us!

    *Note: If I like your audition but you're not cast as a main part, I might pm you to come in as an extra some time. 


    Hotaru Hayashi - (Ho-TAH-roo) (Hi-YAH-she)

    Ayame Kimura - (Eye-YA-may) (KEY-mur-ah)

    Masa Tsukino - (MAH-SAH) (ts-KEY-no)

    Ichiro - (EE-chi-ro)

    Katsu Yoshida - (KA-tsu) (Yo-shi-DA)

    Yuki Mori - (Yoo-ki) (Mo-ree)

    Ako Suzuki - (AH-ko) (Soo-zoo-key)

    Dai Hideki - (Die) (He-DEH-key)

    Osamu Matsumoto - (O-SAH-moo) (Mah-TSU-moto)

    Akihiro - (Ah-KEY-hero)

    Takumi - (TAH-ku-me)

    Aeptaua - (Ep-TAH-wah)

    Junichi - (Joo-NEE-chee)

    Masao Yamada - (Mah-SOW) (Yah-mah-dah)


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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold