I'm going to be one of the greatest voice actors in animation, ADR, and video games and teach one day!

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About MengVangVO

Promotion: Free 2,000 words for Video Game and Animation Projects!

RATE: .08 cents a word.

Demo Reel Commission (HIATUS): $90 LITE Demo (60 sec, 4 segments), $120 GOLD Demo (90 sec, 6 segments), $220 MAKE IT DOUBLE (2 GOLD demos or 3 LITE demos)

Voice Types: Young, silly, cartoony, annoying, teen, cool, tenor middle age, feminine male, rough voice types, young adult, wizard (elderly).

DISCORD (I like to chat!): MengVangVO#9647

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About Me and Experience:

With over 1,300 followers on Twitter, Meng is a Non-Union Hmong American 30 year-old male with a young versatile voice and a great team player. Meng has been in choir and as band leader (vocals) for over 15+ years with leadership experience, exercising vocal range, and being a team player. He has shadowed audio engineers at my local church for 10 years and as a result, has grown a keen ear to music, audio engineering, and basic composition (music theory). As a team player, Meng has worked in teams of various sizes (up to 200 people!). His natural, young, and conversational vocal styles has been used for YouTube Content for creators of narration such as finance, video games, and pharmaceutical companies. Meng is directional and can bring your characters as close as possible to your vision for your project. 24 hour Fast turnaround for lines for 2,000 words or less. He's invested over $5,000 of acoustic treatment and audio equipment to give you the best quality and noise and echo free recording guarantee! He is currently searching for his debut and will do almost any project that has an audience (besides NSFW and extreme vulgar language). Take advantage of my affordable rates now (unless previously agreed of rates)! Meng can't wait to work with you on your amazing project!

Specs: Acoustic Blanket Vocal Booth, Neumann TLM 103, Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 3rd gen, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm Limited Edition, Reaper (paid license), HP Envy, Mogami Gold XLR Cable, KRK Rokit 5 Monitors, LG 1080p monitor (no fan noise). 


$.08 per word.

Demo Reels (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS): $70 LITE Demo (40 sec, 4 segments), $100 GOLD Demo (60 sec, 6 segments), $180 MAKE IT DOUBLE (2 GOLD demos or 3 LITE demos)

What MengVangVO is looking for

I'm looking for projects in need of an affordable high quality voice actor! I'm also looking for amazing voice over artists in need of an affordable demo!

  • @deleted572175

    Mengvang is a phenomenal, multi-talent in voice-over and sound engineering. Anyone would be lucky to have them on their team. It was a pleasure working with them!   

  • @vivianreed

    Meng Vang was wonderful to work with! I had the honor of being selected for a free demo as part of a promo. He was quick and easy to work with, and truly helped me to create a wonderful gaming demo that I am proud to show off! I am very grateful, and highly recommend Meng if you're looking for a great demo.

  • @socalashez

    MengVangVO played several extra roles in the Sands of Slumber RPG Steam Game. He was very consistent in auditioning for extra roles in our Discord server and has been a large presense on our team. If you want someone who will provide excellent quality, expedient service, and expert range, look no further than MengVangVO!

  • @deleted702998

    Awesome person that does awesome work! Manages his projects with organization and clarity and was always available when I had any questions. Always a pleasure to work with MengVangVO!

    He also makes great demos!

  • @squireforhire

    If you need a demo made this is THE guy. You will not meet anyone else who is as patient and cooperative with you as he is. He helped me make my first demo reel and I could not have asked for a better bro for the job!

  • @leebergie

    Meng was an absolute pleasure to work with! I was lucky enough to be selected for a free demo, and he was very communicative, sent WIPs and allowed me to voice my input, and didn't stop until we got it just right. He cares very much about the end product and making sure everyone involves is satisfied. He's also very patient and friendly to work with -- no ego here!

  • @bennyboi27

    I was lucky enough to have Meng produce and edit my demo reel. He made sure to keep me updated on how things were coming along and shared rough drafts to get my input. He was able to offer helpful feedback that helped me improve my performance. If you need a demo reel, you can't go wrong with him.

  • @alexandergracevo

    It was a great pleasure to work with Meng on a character demo! He asked plenty of questions to get to know me and my goals, and wrote a great script within the specifications we discussed. He was great at communicating updates and patient with me when my life took priority for some time. The end result is amazingly crafted and I can't wait to share it!