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About JLC Comics

Ever since I was a kid, I became fascinated in film-making and animation since I laid my eyes on two of my all-time favorite films: "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". I started to make my own movies at an early age using every camera I've owned throughout the years, and through my teenage years, I started writing screenplays and storyboards, since I was a pretty good artist. 

I even attended a TV Production class at high school, where I collaborated with "The Scoop" and other projects, mostly behind the camera. I directed a few short films with a couple of my friends, a music video and wrote the storyline for "Betrayal", which was shown at the Brookdale Community College Teen Arts Festival.

My main goal is to make feature films, and I began to write a LOT of screenplays, included were "Strange Journey" and an adaptation of "Quack Pack". I'm planning to get "Strange Journey" made all by myself. I'm gonna animate, write, direct, edit, and shoot the entire project, which is pretty challenging for a 24-year old like myself. I hope I get to reach my goal soon and maybe make my first feature film a reality.


I don't have prices set up at the moment, so I'm doing all of my projects unpaid.

What JLC Comics is looking for

I've always wanted to do animated projects as a kid, and I wanna bring my silly stories to life. That's why I joined CCC in the first place.

  • @hunter-maselli

    Mr. NewJerseyArtist is a fantastic director and I want to recommend him for his swift work on the project "Strange Journey". He responds quickly and is very compassionate with his cast and crew. I believe the passion that he has shows greatly in his work. I would be honored to work with him again. Thank you for the opportunity to be in a featured film!

  • @rachel-woods

    I've already sent three auditions for that person's project, "Spaced Out".

  • @littleredhen42

    newjerseyartist is a passionately creative guy who treats his voice actors with respect and kindness. It has been a joy to be a part of his original projects and see them come together with the actors he chooses and his skill in creating. I have been fortunate to work with him on two projects now and will keep an eye out for future projects, as he provides ample opportunity for VA's to explore the script and bring their ideas to the characters as well. I would definitely recommend him as a director, especially if you want to work with a creative mind who is passionate about the animation industry.

  • @ian-brewis

    An incredibly professional and enthusiastic director. His passion for his projects is clear and engaging and encouraged me to complete my work as soon as possible so I could see their projects come together. I would highly recommend newjerseyartist for any project in need of a well organised and passionate director.
    Would gladly work with them again.

  • @deleted612748

    Newjerseyartist is one of the kindest and most professional directors out there! I've only been working with him for a few days now on the project "Strange Journey II" and already I see so much potential as an outstanding director and animator! 10/10 I would love to work on a project with him again. 

  • @deleted654878

    JLC Productions was so kind and wonderful to work with. They have intensive creative passion and craft cool, enticing stories. I enjoyed my time working with them on Strange Journey II, they were responsive, open to answering questions, and prompt in getting the project moving forward.

  • @missemilyoliver

    JLC scouted me for a project of his and I was very excited to receive the request to voice Strawberry Shortcake for his upcoming project "Bittersweet". My excitement was right on the money because he is a delight to work with. JLC is very creative and dedicated to his craft and it's been a blast working with them to bring characters to life. I look forward to working with him again for any future projects and if you get a chance to work with him yourself, you are in for a berry good treat!

  • @deleted675986

    Gosh, what can I say about Jacob? He's a fantastic director, professional and cool as a cucumber. He's also a powerhouse of ideas and it shines in his scripts! I definitely recommend him if you want to lend your voice to wacky adventures!

  • @gracetheva

    Dude where do I begin? JLC is honestly such an amazing director and he is just super chill and easy going with basically everything. A project of his called “Bonkers” actually got me back into voice acting after taking a break for quite a bit and I’m really appreciative about that. JLC is very flexible with deadlines and his scripts are just SUPER incredible and the amount of effort in them just never stops! I will definitely keep working with him on projects if the opportunity comes my way, it’s just been an honor so far just to work with him! :)

  • @gracenfighter16

    @newjerseyartist managed my first official project, Camp Wildfire, set in the world of cartoon characters from the likes of the Warner Brothers and Disney. @newjerseyartist has been attentive and supportive of the project and its members with a strong leadership disposition, and they have been flexible and understanding when life comes up. They are a pleasure to work with, and I hope to collaborate on more projects with them in the future!

  • @itsbeanut

    It has honestly been so great working with @newjerseyartist. They have literally the best imagination and ideas when it comes to their projects, and it was an honor to be apart of their upcoming production "Bittersweet". It was my first ever real project that I have ever worked on, and @newjerseyartist made it one of the most enjoyable experiences EVER! 

  • @ashley-brooke

    @newjerseyartist approached me to voice a role in an upcoming project of his, and he has been nothing short of friendly and professional! He's got many creative ideas and is very cooperative with deadlines. His scripts are a load of fun with lots of fun characters -- I highly recommend auditioning for his projects!

  • @sammyliscious

    Jacob is by far one of the most funny and likeable directors I've had in a long time! He always socializes with the voice actors and gives updates on the projects he manages intead of leaving people in the dark of where their hard work is going. Jacob works extremely hard to make his projects happen and is very responsible, I highly recommend working with him in the future, and I can't wait to collaborate again!

  • @viktor-jamesaryn

    Jacob is wonderful. He was absolutely supportive and flexible when I had to tackle life on life's terms. Throughout the entirety of production for Warped! He was optimistic, kind, supportive, and overall pleasant to interact with. If you wish to work with someone who WILL become a staple in this industry one day, Jacob is the guy! Thank you Jacob for everything and I wish you the absolute best. 

  • @lady-theta

    New Jersey Artist is an amazing director. He has great communication; he’s flexible and always keeps us updated on the project status.  New Jersey Artist is very polite and professional. His dedication is shown thoroughly through his work. I’m glad I had the opportunity of working alongside with New Jersey Artist and I look forward in working with him in the future.

  • @MelissaBowens

    Jacob is an extremely talented and passionate artist that I absolutely love working with. I've had the pleasure to voice many projects within Filmmaker's Motel Productions and I hope to do many more in the future! Thank you for being a joy to work with!

  • @kitsundubs

    +* This guy right here, is an amazing director! I worked alongside him when I voiced Millie/Molly Moo-Cow in his project dubbed 'Warped', and he has outstanding professionalism in being a director. He has great communication skills with his peers, is very passionate about his projects, and is just overall very pleasant to work with. I'm very glad I got to work with Jacob on this project, and I look forward to knowing what more masterpieces of talent he will create in the near future. Thank you for having me work with you, Jacob, it was very exciting! *+

  • @infectiouspink

    JLC was awesome to work with, they set clear expectations for what they wanted, gave a script and good directions. They are organised and it was a breath of fresh air, 10/10 would work for them as a VA again! It was a pleasure 

  • @adrienne-whitaker

    Jacob is an amazing and passionate writer and artist with a whole slew of ideas and talent. It was so fun working with him on 'Strange Journey', and not to mention easy as pie. He was clear with what he wanted and deadlines and overall just a cool person to work with. 100/10 would work with him again!

  • @caraoconnor

    Where do i start with jacob he's kind and such an amazing casting director he will tell you what you kind of tone he needs for a character and he's just amazing to work with, i'm on one of his projects "Strange Journey" and it's been so fun! Would recommend to work with him he will welcome you with open arms