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About Sprink

Heya! My name’s Sprink! I’m a 27 year old VA with a background in healthcare, neuroscience, and other STEM-related fields.

My current experience ranges from indie animation to RPGs and visual novels, though I also enjoy dabbling in fandubs on the side where my schedule allows!

I typically record in a sound-treated booth out of town with a range of equipment available including a Rode K2, Shure SM58, and Scarlett 212 interface. However, in a pinch I also have my trusty Blue Snowball available at home!

My vocal range tends to be in higher pitches or high-moderate pitches, with specialty in teenager, pre-teen, or child characters. However, I love a good challenge, and am always open to voicing other types of roles outside of my comfort zone!

I am always looking to learn and grow in my abilities! Constructive feedback is more than welcome, and I am always happy to re-record a line or even have a live session to tweak my readings until they match your standards.

I look forward to working with you! ❤️

University - 2019

Instructed by

Graduated summa cum laude


My baseline rate per VAC Indie Rate Guide is $2-3 per line. However, pricing is very, extremely open to negotiation! I understand that indie content creators/developers work with limited funding, and am always willing to discuss reasonable pricing within a particular budget, deferred payment, or even free non-commercial projects. :)

What Sprink is looking for

I’m open to most anything except heavy NSFW! Relatively short term is preferred such as a project with expected deadline, but I am definitely willing to discuss long term/recurring roles as well. 

  • @sally_basler

    Sprink does an awesome job as Ichika in my upcoming animated miniseries, "Dog Days of Duplicity". Her lines were delivered with fantastic audio quality and incredible energy! As well as multiple takes to choose from which is always appreciated! She has just the voice we were looking for. Highly recommend.