Kiersten Greenfield

Kiersten Greenfield

Hi! I'm passionate about creating, whether that be writing, singing, acting, drawing- I love it all! I'm working on building my resume for voice work on the side while I do freelance writing full time. I look forward to working with you!

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About Kiersten Greenfield

  • I am currently 24 years old, a native Texan, I grew up performing in school and summer musicals, even being a member of the Texas Girls' Choir (Soprano 1) for a while.

  • I switched my focus to band in middle school and I play the flute and piccolo, and can sight read music in both bass and treble clefs.

  • I've recently taken up drawing digitally to enhance the stories I write on an interactive fiction app ( )

  • Aside from my freelance writing I have also streamed on the Dorian (see above link) app, live reading stories and doing voices and characters for viewers.

  • I am finally taking the leap into chasing my passions, and I am all about learning and improving! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

What Kiersten Greenfield is looking for

I've always dreamed of being a professional novelist as my main goal, but my passion for acting and singing has never diminished and so here I am, giving it a shot because I am young, I am driven, I enjoy it, so really why not?

It would be really exceptional if I do find myself a little niche for acting or voice work, an additional source of steady income and the opportunity to work with so many other talents on a variety of fascinating projects would be life changing. I'm keeping my expectations tethered to reality though, so I know I have to work hard and build a solid foundation of roles and references.

I'm also excited to have the opportunity to learn more about all the different creative arts industries, I've found that as a writer (and just a nerdy human being) I am drawn to information and experiences that broaden my horizons and expand my perceptions on things; not to mention that you never know when you'll need an obscure factoid for a book!