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KC Safire

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About KC Safire

 Hi there, I'm KC! I'm an aspiring animator, writer, artist, video editor and content creator on youtube that specialises in Gacha content. 

I have a huge passion for storytelling so I started my channel to be able to bring my characters to life. I’ve always been an over worker and achiever (even for a hobby) so whenever I'm working on a project I take it very seriously and do the best of my ability to make it the best I possibly can for my audience.

I currently have more then 400k subscribers on YouTube.

 YT Channel: KC SafireWolf

Instagram: kc_safirewolf

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  • @malachiza

    Sapphire Wolf is a very kind, awesome, and talented director and one of my favorite people I worked with! Sapphire puts great pride, love, and care into her work and it's been really wonderful working with her. I would for sure love working with her in the future on new projects!