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(You can also find my recently-started YouTube channel on the sidebar. Check it out if you want to see finished videos of things I've been involved in!)

(UPDATE: I made a Twitter! Check it out in my social links!)

Hi there! I'm Sword of Swords, and I'm a voice actor based in Canada. I'm a huge fan of JRPGs and the like, so expect to see me when an original video game project pops up!

I'm also active on Behind the Voice Actors, so feel free to check my profile out there if you'd like. I'm also Sword of Swords there!

I've been an actor for much of my life, so I know the level of professionalism and dedication required in order to see a project through to the end.  If you decide to cast me, expect a fun member of the team who knows when to get serious!

As a final note, don't be afraid to message me if you are interested in having me in your project or if you have any comments or advice.  I will always respond to any messages I receive. I don't bite; promise. (Unfortunately, if it's Minecraft or something I'm automatically going to pass. Sorry, it's nothing personal!)


Will work for experience and credit, but will certainly accept compensation depending on the project.


Sword of Swords ANNOTATED Voice Acting Resume (Please click the links to see information/footage of the projects!)

Examples of some of the projects
I have completed or am currently involved with:


Original Video Games/Visual Novels

Jay Hammill - "Requiem"
(Role: Kuro) 

Into the Hoop Game - "Into the Hoop"
(Role: Daichi)

Dev16 - "Heart of the Universe"
(Role: Mordecai Reznar)

CopperLeaf Games - "Dragonfate"
(Role: Jasper)

Declan Stephenson - "Perpetual Chains"
Tiberius) (Project link TBD)

Dragon King Creations - "Boyfriend Plus"
(Role: Chase)

Teacupbiscuits - "Time/Divided"
(Roles: Quincey Alexander, Punk) 
(Project link TBD) 


SM Games - "Exospace"
(Role: Xander)


Original Animations/Fanime

Sanaku - "Time's Puppet"
(Role: Galamius Moragy)


Pure Lion Productions - "Full On!"
(Roles: Steve Korfei, E. Brute)


Recovermagic - "Ms. Supersuper"
(Roles: Donny Tea, Extras) 


Shishi Beru - Cutthroats” 
(Role: Joaquim)


Abridged Series



C_Squint - "Black Bullet Abridged
(Role: Rentaro Satomi)

SichopsyVA - "Tales of Berseria Abridged"
(Role: Eizen)

Flash Cake - "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Abridged One-Shot" (Role: Syrus Truesdale)

"Death Parade Abridged One-Shot"
 (Role: Man)

"Death Note Abridged One-Shot"
(Role: Ryuk)


Masamune-kun no Abridged”

(Role: Kojuurou Shuri)

And a few more that are TBD


Anime/Manga/Comic Fandubs

Seterra - "Tokyo Babylon Manga Fandub"
(Roles: Extras)


Memorabilia Comic Dub"
(Role: King Emerys)


Adverseria - "Kubera - One Last God Fandub
(Role: Yuta) (TBD)


Sheyntime - Xenoblade Comicals Fandub Group

(Roles: Shulk, Riki, Zanza)


AspiringSinger15 - "Kamisama Kiss Fandub"
(Roles: Kirakaburi, Extras)

Audio Dramas/Misc.

Cat Grimsley"Unearthly" 

(Role: X)

Danganrebirth_voices - "Danganronpa Re:Birth
(Role: Mitsunari Koga)

Super Dubbinronpa - "Super Danganronpa Another 2: The "Official" English Translation"
(Roles: Mikado Sannoji, Project Director, Localization Head)


And Maybe...YOU?


Casting Calls and Auditons

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