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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Meggie-Elise is ecstatic to begin voice acting for multiple projects here on casting call. She provides vocal work for video games, visual novels, animations, and much more!

Before she became a voice actor, Meggie participated (and is still participating) in many different things. Some of those things included: Working as a Chick-fil-A employee, being a girl scout Cadette, teaching others how to sing, playing the violin, ukulele, and piano, being an older sister, participating in EMCO, singing in CCC, performing with QCPAC, and HCPA, running marathons, binge-watching Netflix's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', writing stories, drinking smoothies, and traveling around the world.

Meggie currently resides at home with her family and six little chickens in AZ, U.S.

Thanks for visiting my page! You guys rock! I look forward to working with you!

*Feel free to give me a follow or recommendation! Thanks!


Skype : Meggie - Elise
YouTube :
Discord : Meggie-Elise#7577
Google+ : Meggie - Elise

 'CCC.' Civilized Caring Characters' Please, feel free to share this project, and to take part of it yourselves! Anyone can join! #Sharethelove

Inspirational Community Voice Actors:

-Allen the Ultimate Gamer

-Jared the Auditioner




-Chris Dattoli



-Abigail Turner








-LA Webley


I wish I could put down all of you! But, there's just too many!! Thank you all for being such an inspiration to me. I love ya'll!

PS. If I don't respond to your pm/dm for longer than a week, I'm probably dead. Cheers! Haha


Depends on the project. I'm fine with whatever price.

I'm willing to work for free for amateur projects, and am totally flexible when it comes to pricing. If anyone has the need, or wants to pay me, then just pm me and we'll figure it out together!




Agent0fluffy- A Diamond Tiara Christmas Carol- Young Diamond Tiara

AntiValentine- A Night To Remember- Five Nights at Valentine's- Brook the Bird

Asianrambo38- Burnin'Red: Revamp Anamnesis [BlazBlue Alter Memory Abridged One-Shot]- Rachel Alucard

Basil- Ashley The Teenage Witch (FANGAME)- Ashley

BurstSMG- Escape- Minecraft Crime Series- Ashley Smith- Channel 23 News anchor 

Cameron Perry- Scissorman and Paperpal- Sarah

DarkHorrendous- Aezae's Tales | Chapter 1 Shattered MemoriesErilia the Braixen

Eevee Miscellaneous- Absolution: A Reckoner's Tale- Tavi

Estonianramen- Purgacity- Blondie Armarillo

Happyenday- Erased Tale- Undyne

Jaeden-man89- Steven Universe Fandub (Hit the Diamond)- Lapis Lazuli

Joystar- Undertale: A Narrator's Musical- Dogaressa, Chorus

Keni Hoover/Killer Productions: Mr. Slotter- Children

Louis Brady/LRBProduction- Just the Johnsons- Sally Johnson

Minecraft_Roleplays/The Mermaids of Coral Cove

Orelci/My Little Pony Cover Group

Poketoadnetwork/Project UC- Undyne


Retro AceSuper Smash Brothers. Crusaders- Frau Valkyrie/Iris

Shortyhelena- Nightcrawler - A Gacha Studio Series- Stephanie

Smoothsagemaster/Sonic the Hedgehog- Codename World Adventure- Blaze the Cat

SonicFazbear15- Spirit Animal- Ali the Bunny

Sparkly6262/Demon Warriors- Pina

Spirittheloner/Warrior Cats- The Life of a Clan Cat

Star912/MLP- Carry Me Home- Pumpkin Cake

Taliyus/Taliyus- Pilot Episode- Kylie Orona

WaterFox-StudiosBendy And Boris : The Quest For The Ink Machine [Ver4] -Emma Soph


"I just finished directing the Little Mermaid, and I would have killed to have someone that sounded like Meggie-Elise. Awesome job!!" - Coltonac

"I really liked your performance on the song!  You did good with putting power into your voice, and I especially liked your delivery on the first line. :) Thanks for auditioning!" - Joystar

 "Man, I got to keep an eye on this lady, she's got some real talent." - WoohooYo

"You have an incredible talent in voice acting and the examples sounded really good!" -ObliviousHD

"Ur voice is soo amazing!" -DarkAngelYT

"You have an amazing pitch and set of voices." -Drod708_playz

"You are a very talented Voice Actress. I thought some of your recordings were simply brilliant to say the least. I could totally see you working for Disney or Nickelodeon, keep up the good work! : )" -Simdrew1993

"You have a lively voice. It's young, nice, peppy and full of energy." -Thwill

"Can´t stay silent, no longa...! This is gorgeous!" -Jackmack

"What a cute voice!!!" -AaronIsak

"OMG! YOUR MINNIE IS PERFECTION! AH! Great job!" -Miscatsquad

"Meggie - Elise is one of the finest human actresses I have ever cast in an animation, surpassed only by the time I worked with intergalactic megastar Xorcth'klack on a remake of "That's My Tentacle!". She does a great job at delivering lines, is quick to provide revisions when asked, and is nice enough to not cuss me out when I accidentally ignore her e-mails for three weeks. In the event that I actually manage to finish the cartoon I hired her for some time before the Sun explodes, I would definitely seek to work with her again." -Cameron Perry

Casting Calls and Auditons

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