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Lance Bulmer Voice Overs

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About Lance Bulmer Voice Overs

I'm a freelance voice actor based in the United Kingdom that has only recently landed my first paid role in an indie game heading to Nintendo Switch and PC.

My vocal range tends to lean more towards evil and menacing roles but  the other voices I'm capable of vary from seductive woman ( Bayonetta-ish) Elderly Male and Female, teen boy, psychotic girl, and plucky hero and of course my Monster growls, groans and moans.
I avoid doing cute voices as they don't fit my vocal pallet even though I can do them it's something I try to not do.

I tend go for the paid route when it comes to work. But I will give the free projects a shot as from what I've read on here they have a lot of variety and it provides  experience for working with new people.

My languages are mostly English however I am willing to learn some of the basic language to get into character.

Disclaimer If you're doing anything Splatoon related I will happily do that for free as I'm very passionate about the series and play tournaments when they are available 


My rates are very fair 20 cents a word  or 10 dollars a minute of audio.

I'm getting ready to update my charges but I want to keep things fair.

What Lance Bulmer Voice Overs is looking for

I'm pretty much a flexible actor and have a habit of adding some funny imporv at the end 

If that's not your thing please let me know ahead of time.

  • @blugibbz

    Lance has been a great help to my work...

    He understands the characters he's given and just puts exceptional emotion into the character... and the fact that he's willing to do it for free when I as-of-now have no method of payment meant I had struck GOLD!

    I'm grateful for his time, and I give him many thanks!

  • @ross-k

    I was a voice actor in an episode of Lance's "Link Vs...." animated web series, and I have to say that his project is probably my favourite CCC job that I have done. Very funny writer that stays true to the characters, a great animator, and a very positive force to work for. He was clear on what he needed for the voices, but encouraged to add some ad libs to his script too, which was a lot of fun too. Highly recommended.

  • @ross-k

    I am glad CCC allows for 2nd recommendations now as Lance is very deserving of one. I have worked with him multiple times more since the original casting last year, both as an actor in his animated web series, and having him in my own projects too. Very versatlie actor capable of range that encompasses crazy old cahoots to soft spoken ladies (yes, really!). He always delivers his lines very quickly too. Something I can hugely appreciate. Plus, a thoroughly decent human being. Recommended as an employer and employee. Douglas Wilmer on Sir Alec Guinness