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Heyo, what's up, guys! GameBot 2000 here, and welcome to my Casting Call account! I'm a gamer, a content creator, and an artist with autism spectrum.

On my YouTube channel, I do some gameplay videos, random stuff, reaction videos, video/comic dubs, chiptune remixes, and more! I also do some artwork and memes on my Instagram! And I write my own original stories!

I accept projects that don’t require me to cuss, because I run a family friendly social media account, and I don’t like swearing in public. However, I will make a couple of exceptions, as I'll explain in private messages.

  • @meggie-elise

    I love GameBot to death! He's a fantastic director, not to mention, super sweet! He's organized, plans ahead, and is an all-around talented dude! I would definitely see to work with him again!

  • @deleted132736

    GameBot 2000 was quick and fun to work with. He was very straightforward in telling me what he needed and I’d love to work with him again!