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Hello all. Just an artist trying to make some projects. I will probably get into voice acting in the near future.

  • @fishyfried

    Jax is the kind of content creator this site needs! The amount of labor and love that went into his project is all too apparent - not only does he draw the art himself, he also has all the assets prepared so that the only thing the VAs need to do is provide lines and voilà! Project completed smoothly and efficiently. Too often have I seen projects fail, get abandoned, or reach some kind of endless hiatus - but that won’t be the case here. I am absolutely awestruck by the presentation of his work and the quality of his artwork. This is the kind of creative process that reminds me why I got into voice acting in the first place, especially when you see the results in the mod for the game! I highly recommend auditioning for any projects he puts up. I adore this series and voicing in his project was immensely enjoyable! Jax was cordial and polite in answering any questions I had and fluid with communication throughout the whole process. It would be my pleasure and honor to work with him again!