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I'm a guy who loves singing, video games, voice acting and more. I've started to become better at doing Voice Acting and have discovered more of my capable range. I've gotten praise for my high energy, effort, and screaming (which has been compared to Johnny Yong Bosch) and my range is from around Mid-Mid High, I do good with voicing teenagers (mostly who are very fun and energetic), Children, and Old Men, I struggle to pull off deeper characters and if I try to it comes off as forced but maybe with a little work and possibly puberty I should have more control over doing deeper voices, so I'm better with doing more comedic things like abridged series since my range is more parodyish but I can do serious stuff too just not as well as comedy but I'm doing my best to improve on doing more serious roles. To compare my voice I'd say I'm kinda similar to Richard Steven Horvitz in terms of which roles we do the best in, with him he does best with more comedic and over the top characters like Zim and Billy (who are two of his best known roles), and our voices are more higher pitched which is why we do well in roles involving teens and kids but no so well in deeper voiced characters (though he does have better control of voicing deeper characters than me in a way), but we can still do serious roles, Horvitz role as Razz from Psychonauts is a good example of him being able to pull off a more serious role and the same applies to me, I can pull off serious roles but both Horvitz and I do our best when it comes to characters with lots of energy to them. I do hope to become a professional Voice Actor one day and I hope when I get older I'll still be able to do kids and teens. Currently working on Yugioh Zexal, Tales Of The Abyss Abridged and others but right now I've been focused on Fandubs. Also the types of projects I have interest in are Abridged series, Fandubs, Audiobooks (depending on the series), and now I've been expanding my horizon with going for more original things so hey that's good. If I do get casted for your project, know I'm a fun guy who's willing to improve on anything and take things seriously when needed!

On a side note after doing some stuff involving Soul Eater Evans, people tell me how I sound just like him so I guess my voice is similar to Micah Solusod. And after doing more of his characters I've realized that I do sound similar to him though I'd say my voice is a happy medium between Micah Solusod and Johnny Yong Bosch.

Current Roles:

Yuuki and Akira Kurusu- Persona 5 Sizzle Trailer Fandub directed by SichopsyVA

Ryuji Sakamoto- Persona Audiobook Series directed by Smoothsagemaster

Kinako- Twin Star Exorcist Abridged directed by ItsTheSlime

Narrator- Nanbaka! Directed by Supermbro

Adrien Agreste- Miraculous Ladybug Fandub directed by PrettycureHastune

Yoshiki- Corpse Party Abridged directed by Trickyloki

German Scissor Boy and Masamune- Masamune Abridged directed by Tonightsalive

Torchman - Megaman NT Warriors Abridged directed by Burneator

Rotom Dex and Ash Ketchum- Pokémon Sun and Moon Abridged directed by Burntheabridge

Masaru Daimon- Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls- directed by Pioni

Gorilla Pressure 69 (A.K.A Scissor Boy), Yamada, and Kojuurou Shuri- Masamune Abridged Revenge Directed by George The Otaku

Carmine- Under Night In-Birth Exe Late Directed by Daisy Babelle Labelle

Touma Akagi- Tokyo Mirage Sessions Fandub Directed by Demgamermark

Burgh- Pokémon Generations Abridged Directed by DeWarioFreak

Yoosung Kim- Mystic Messenger Comic Dubs Directed by Mocchi

ryūnosuke tanaka- Haiykuu Complete Fandub directed by Nessy

Eren Jeager- Attack On Titan Abridged directed by Kawaii Potato

Shizuo and Masaomi- Durarara Abridged directed by Lord Daedryth

Ryuji Sakamoto/Yu Narukami- Persona 5 Comic dubs directed by Rainie

Walachia- Melty Blood Fandub directed by Sol

Soul Eater Evans and Eren Jeager- Cancerous Abridged Compilation directed by Cyanide FS

Jadeite- Sailor Moon Parody directed by Mackinmeat

Monkey D Luffy- Toriko and Luffy Abridged directed by Hiro No Hiro

Army- Splatoon Manga Dub Directed by HuskofCOB

Deku- My Hero No Villian Abridged Directed by Eltaris

Lord Perceval- Matona Warriors of Lundaria directed by Hirokaskiva

Masamune Makabe- Masamune Kun No Revenge Full Fandub directed by LittleMsMeister.

Ryuuichi Kurosaki- Aho Girl Abridged directed by Asianrambo83

Venom- Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Special Attacks Showcase directed by We Dub Thee Fandubs

Dario Brando- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged directed by Neko Slayer

Hajime Hinata- Danganronpa 2 Scrum Debate Fandub Directed by KaelanStreams

Shadow The Hedgehog- Sonic Animations And Shorts Directed by Avidsonicfan

Ryuji Sakamato- Persona 5 Comic Dub Directed by Optimisticgirl

Liom- The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Manga Dub

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu - Danganronpa Goodbye Despair Full Game Fandub Directed by Exorcist Maria

Sasaki Yuki- Soul Caliber Custom Character Showdown

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu- Damganronpa 2 Fandub

Johnny Storm/ The Flaming Torch

Silver the Hedgehog and Orbot- Mario and Sonic Crossover Audiobook Directed by MysticRiver

Tanaka-  Blue Spring Ride (Fandub)

Grant- Pokemon X and Y Fandub Directed by Brooklyndizzy

Korekiyo Shinguji- Danganronpa V3 Fandub Directed by Sol

I've been told I sound like Micah Solsoud so if you need a decent Micah Solusoud impersonator I'm your man!

Best character I feel I can do is Yuu from Seraph Of The End since I sound a lot like him and his shonen attitude resonates with my voice well!

Credit to Mem Mom for the awesome custom profile pic of me :D

Some Voice Actors Who Inspire Me:

Yuri Lowenthal, Johnny Yong Bosch, Richard Steven Horvitz, Kirk Thornton, Matthew Mercer, Tara Platt, Laura Bailey, Kira Buckland, Robbie Daymond, Xander Mobus, Michelle Ruff, Stephanie Sheh, Steve Staley, Tom Kenny, Grey Delisle, Tara Strong, Phil LaMarr, Kari Wahlgren, Steve Blum, Liam O'Brian, Patrick Seitz, Christina Vee, Troy Baker, Doug Erholtz, Micah Solusod and Vic Mignogna.


I don't really care if I get paid or not.





Bruno Zillin


Sicophy VA




Bella Buginette




Ditz' n' Fritz




Kawaii Potato


Lord Daedryth


Hiro No Hiro


Team Xaro





We Dub Thee Fandubs



Neko Slayer






"Dis nigga is Popflying af" - Shay-Ki Fullalove

"You have improved quite a lot since I first met you as well Allen!  If I had you compare you to a current voice actor, I would put you in a Sam Rigel/Matt Mittleman range.  You are always cast in those types of roles these days and I can completely see why! ^^ I look forward to seeing where you go as an actor! :D" - Chromex20


"I love your voice, it's over the top and then some!" SenpaiFruit

"Your such a great role model senpai!" SuzulinVA

"Your voice is like hot fire! Hot as in: Flaming red hot passion! But also hot as in: Sexy...." GodKnight007

Casting Calls and Auditons

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