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Hello, Im Aubrie and I am a 26 year old woman who has always loved the Idea of doing voice work. My favorite things to work for is Childrens show, anime, and games. I also sing in my spare time. My vocal range normally is a medium low, to medium High, though I can work my voice to go lower, I have trouble with going higher some times. 

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I promise to take every job I'm cast in 100% seriously, it is my goal to please and work to the best of my ability. I'm always striving to better myself each day, working hard, and doing what I can with the tools I have.

I currently am looking for paid work, voice and art, to get my first interface and a studio quality mic. If interested or just wish to donate here is my paypal

Thank you.


For my roles I have done please see this Google Document, they became a bit too filled on this page and I only am going to continue this list with more. If you wish to see this list and cant access Google Docs then please PM me and I would be happy to help. Thank you!

My Roles

  • @mochiso

    Amazing & reliable.
    I always receive the lines on time!
    She voice acts the lead, MC, for my Mystic Messenger Comic dubs I produce on YouTube. I've done a few a projects with her, and every time so far it's been splendid! Highly recommended! A pleasure to work with.

  • @kiles-the-geek

    This girl has a really pretty voice and is very reliable. Anyone who casts her will see her as a joy to work with!

  • @allen-the-ultimate-gamer

    Aubrie is a really respectful and hospitable voice actor, she's always positive and willing to help when needed, she has a really calm and soothing voice that makes her great for characters like Mitsuru Kirijo and other characters of that nature but she also has a decent range for playing other characters as well. I wish her the best of luck in her future, whether she goes pro or just stays with doing voice acting for a hobby, I will always have her back :)

  • @belrus

    This girl is an incredible voice actress, who not only has fun with her work, but takes it serious in such a dignified and mature level. She is a responsible, talented, and an all around reliable actress, and someone who you should definitely work with at least once or twice.