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Voice Actor
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Just an hobbyist VA. I'm enjoying the chance to voice in game mod adaptions such as the Skyrim gaming community. 

If you want to see my drawings/art updates/commissions, you can find them at my Linktree.


Negotiable, for any baseline fees this reference can be used: Average Rates.


Skyrim modding voice overs such as:

Skywind - Dunmer - Imperial - High Elf

Apotheosis - Dreamsleeve Merchant/Minor Roles

Legacy of the Dragonborn - Hjorunn, Falk Firebeard

VIGILANT - Pelinal Whitestrake/Bard/Reyda/Minor Roles

Beyond Reach - Griffon/King Sigmayne/Archbishop

Shumer and the fall of Allagard - Vahenga/Enemessar/Hablumu/Limur/Fargan
Maids 2: Deception - Feros Hlaalu

Here there be Monsters - Abdul Al'hazred/Delmus/King Orgnum

Citizens of Tamriel - God King Soul Reaver III Barry

Immersive World Encounters - Male Commoner Accented

Dawnstar The Pale Capital - Saryn Thythelis

The Wheels of Lull - Secarius

Summerset Isle - Male Wise Voice Type

Skyrim Paranormal Investigation Series:

Darkest Dungeon: Ancestor's Journals - Man At Arms - by MattMan


MattMan - A true gentleman and a scholar.

I approached him with an understanding that we were on a tight schedule. We needed to get the project done in a week, and he stepped up and gave an amazing performance with plenty of time to spare.


Themayor897 -

Meek was professional, easy to work with, and quickly delivered an excellent performance that I am incredibly excited to implement into my project. I highly recommend him for any project, he has a wide range of vocal ability, and the natural emotions of his characters come to him easily. Thank you, MeekVoice!


Casting Calls and Auditons