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  • @waynelegette

    Kyle is a fantastic director. His adjustments are clear and concise, and his tone is always respectful and kind. He's a true professional from start to finish. I look forward to seeing/hearing the finished product. With a director such as Kyle in charge, I know it will be quite spectacular. I highly recommend working with him.

  • @kylerhysmarsh

    Working with Lego has been an absolute pleasure. He is patient, very understanding, and above all generous. He is also a great writer and has great vision. If you ever have an opportunity to work with him, you certainly won't regret taking it. Highly recommended!

  • @jkbravo3

    Kyle is a joy to work with. He knows how to bring the best performances out of his actors, without stifling any of their own creativity. He's become a good friend, and I can't wait to work together in the future. If you see a project helmed by Kyle, you can be sure you're in good hands. 

  • @zachpincince

    Kyle has been super great to work with. He is an excellent director and has a great vision for what he is looking in his projects which made my job as the voice actor that much easier.  His communication is excellent and you can really tell how much he cares about his projects and the people he works with. Would highly recommend getting to work with him if you ever have the chance. :)

  • @mitchleschinski

    Soon after you meet Kyle, it is obvious how much passion he has for creating fun, hilarious, interesting content. I was fortunate enough to get to voice two characters for him recently and immediately realized he is also a natural director. Kyle’s knowledge of a project and innate sense of humor pair perfectly to make a voice actor feel comfortable being directed as well as taking necessary risks. I literally found my self grinning ear to ear and saying to myself “I love this job” after and during live directed sessions. This guy is going somewhere, and you would be lucky to be along for the ride!

  • @Hannah4

    I have know Kyle for a few months now and not only is he is the best director I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Not only does he has a creative mind for his projects but he is somebody who goes out of his way to get to know his employees! i Started as an animator for him.. because we have become friends through our work Kyle has giving me so many opportunities that I would never have the privilege of without his help! Because of him I now write shows and comics with him, I voice act in some of his things, I get to work on some of my favorite fandoms and when he knows I’m in love with something he goes out of his way to try to make me apart of it somehow. He has helped me grow so much in animation and I’m looking forward to working on more of his projects! Kindest director and the best soul, I highly recommend going with Kyle !!

  • @ABloomfield

    I absolutely would jump at the chance to work with Kyle again! A fantastic director that's extremely able to tell you what he's looking for and how to get there. It was genuine fun working with him, fascinating to see his process and being able to bring his characters to life was a privilege. I can't wait to breathe more life into his creative visions in the future!

    Definite 5 outta 5 Yelp review right here.

  • @tchitty89

    Lego cast me in one of my first paid roles through CCC back in 2021. I'll always be grateful for being given that opportunity. While my role was very simple (only one line), Lego was very easy to work with and quite generous with the pay offered for just one word.

    I would definitely jump at the opportunity to work with Lego again!

  • @wmk01

    Kyle was personable, professional, knew what he wanted out of me and directed me expertly. Sorry for the alliteration, but it had to be said. I would work with him again any time, and would suggest to anyone to do the same.