Hannah 4

Hannah 4

24 year old voice actress, animator, artist!!☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚

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About Hannah 4

Heeya I am Hannah 4 I'm 24 and I am a voice actress who LOVES animation!! check out my IMDb page Hannah 4’s IMDb page I am passionate and dedicated to my work!!i am currently recording a lot of work that I still can’t talk about!  When I'm not working on voice acting you will find me drawing or animating!! I love meeting new people and I enjoy adventures! 


I try to go by the Los Angeles industry standard nonunion rates for indie to be fair! I’m open to talking about prices !

  • @RealBaxterVA

    Ever since she lent her voice in helping out with the Miraculous Red: Remake Project. I have been very happy with her being the one to lend her voice to some of the female characters in the series. I'm currently still writing the script for the game as of this time, but so far I really love her positive attitude and her energetic personality into trying her best, and that's what I like about Hannah. Not only is she as Voice Actress, but she is also campaigning to Save Animation, and I have been one of the people to really help her achieve her and her teams goal!

    If your looking for a female talent who does her best, I can recommend Hannah!

  • I have worked with Hannah4 on more than one project and found her to be professional, kind, helpful and considerate to everyone involved. On top of this, she is helping me learn her natural accent for a project I’m working on and offered this just in passing - this is how good a character she has! I would STRONGLY recommend her for any project knowing that she would brighten everyone’s day whilst offering an amazing talent at the same time.

  • @DarkAngel6896

    Hanna plays my twin sister in a current production we’re in she always tries to go out of her way to help people and make sure she is doing the right thing while he active in whatever role she is given!

  • @newjerseyartist

    I've known Hannah 4 for a while now ever since she voiced Shirley Radner in a Strange Journey comic dub called "Premiere Planning". She did a great job with voicing her in this project, and I am grateful that she had the desire to actually try out in some of my dumb, silly projects. XD But, in all seriousness, Hannah is without a doubt a fantastic voice actress. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. She has what every VA working today has: passion, talent, and character. Those are three things that every character created needs in terms of not only likability but being relatable. That's what Hannah 4 has, and I can't recommend her enough for it.

  • @caraoconnor

    I’m working with Hannah on multiple projects, her range is absolutely incredible and she will dedicate her work to your project, looking for your next voice I definitely recommend Hannah! We are also VA sisters and best friends! 

  • @green-onion

    Hannah4 is a dedicated voice actress, who is as fun to be around as she is professional on top of being a skilled artist.