Don't mind me. Just out here seizing my destiny, piece by mostly unpaid piece.

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About WMK01

Started down this VO path back in early 2020 and have changed myself in so doing, digging myself out from under decades of trauma and just as many years of solid, non-stop dissociation. Through VO, I have found myself and I've been using the craft as a steam shovel to continue unearthing this greatest of mysteries. The shadows on the cave wall no longer hold any power over me and because I'm growing more into my genuine me every day, my access to my own creativity and talent grows apace.

Seriously, people. You aren't your passing thoughts or your list of likes/dislikes. What you are is a buried temple of complexities that is far deeper and more nuanced than you can imagine, and unless you dig that temple up and explore it with honest intentions to better yourself and face your fears, you'll only ever see the apex and you'll never discover the well of your talent.

Before, I was existing and just slogging through life, head down and fists bared. Now, I'm VOICE ACTING! I'm writing my own scripts and a book and making my own demos and getting roles and discovering I can sing and make music! It's pretty damn great actually, and I would suggest the trip, though difficult, to anyone.

Now, I'm fully dedicated to this work and I WILL become what I'm meant to become and I WILL take in my hand what is for me, and that is greatness in this craft, come Hell or high water. If 30+ years of crushing darkness and an endless horizon of nothing can't stop me, what hope has simple adversity?

I'm awake now.

Closing Credits - 2022

Beginning Audiobooks

Instructed by Christopher Boucher
Closing Credits - 2023

Improv for Actors

Instructed by Brendan Hunter
Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by John Wang
Closing Credits - 2023

Character Voices and Thinking Outside the Box

Instructed by Timothy Banfield
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang
Closing Credits - 2024

Audio Engineering for Voice Actors

Instructed by Tony Wijs

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What WMK01 is looking for

If it needs a voice, I'll work on it, as long as it's not highly illegal in some way. I don't do black market voice over, sorry. I don't want to get on the wrong side of the VO Mafia. I'm also looking for myself, which I'm finding piece by piece. My goal with all of this is to make a living with voice acting eventually and to use my craft and whatever platform I may gain from it to find some way to aid humanity in its struggle for societal evolution, to move the needle towards the greater good for the species.

  • @lego-my-jango

    Jason has been an enlightening, fun, professional, and open actor. We have gotten very close in a short time working together so far. I appreciate all of what he has been part of in my project thus far, from his dedication to getting more insight into the character to being very open to feedback and critique.  I am excited to continue working with him on more projects and I highly recommend him to any creator looking for an open, passionate, and overall amazing person.