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About Nyima Green

Hello, I'm Nyima Green! I'm a voice actor located in Ontario, Canada. From working on animation to audio dramas, I have been in the industry for 2 years. My passion for voice-over started in 2021, when I made the decision that I wanted to start acting. When it comes to voice-over, I love being able to put my all into every recording I do. I'm not afraid of taking chances and or learning new things. I'm always willing to learn, grow, and in the end adapt to anything you throw at me.  When I'm not in the booth, I love being with my family and friends. Another thing outside of my voice-acting work, I like to get creative and draw.

Studio NPC - 2023

Acting Workout with Miley Yamamoto (Observer)

Instructed by Miley Yamamoto, June Yoon
Rachael Messer - 2023

Intro to Voice Acting

Instructed by Rachael Messer
Real Voice LA - 2023

Character Workout

Instructed by Arianna Ratner
Real Voice LA - 2023

Teen Voice Acting Workout

Instructed by Sherry Lynn, Jessie Evans

My prices are negotiable!

What Nyima Green is looking for

Interested in hiring her?
Please read below!

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What Nyima WON’T participate in:

- Hateful projects (Discriminative, Racist, Sexist, etc)

- Offensive projects (Slurs or wording that is directed to discriminate against people)

She's always open to requests, but please make sure you have these few things in mind before reaching out!

Things to think about before asking Nyima to be in your project: 

- Is Nyima auditioning for this project? Or is Nyima given the role?

- Is it a paid or unpaid role?

- Does your project violate any of the guidelines stated above?

- Are you dedicated to your project?

- What category does your project fall under? (Game, Animation, Audiobook, Singing, Minecraft, Gacha, etc)

- Can you give an overview of your project? (Include things such as the plot, what your deadlines are like, if the project is long-term or short-term, what your scripts are like etc)

- Does this role require singing? (If so please be mindful that it might lessen your chances of being accepted)

- If you're able to, please provide some examples of your past projects 

- Who is the character? (Please provide a photo and description of who they are, what role they play in the plot, What is their personality like, their age\ and their hobbies. (If a photo is not available, the description will work just fine)

- Is there a vocal range you want Nyima to be in? (If you refer back to an audition please tell her what audition it was and which take you would like!)

- What social media are you posting your project on?

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If you meet ALL the requirements you can message her on any of the contacts listed below! 

Please keep in mind Nyima also has a right to decline your project!

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Interested in her work? Please contact her on any of these contacts!

Discord: kiritofu

YouTube: KiriTofu

Instagram : nyimagreenvo

CCC: You're already here, so don't be afraid to PM her! :]

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: NyimaGreenVA

Please only contact for business inquiries ONLY

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Nyima will try her best to get to her messages in time, but she is still human so please be patient! But other than that, she looks forward to working with you!

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  • @zaraytxx

    KiriTofu is a amazing voice actor! For my project I asked her to portray a evil mage. And I was trembling from how amazing her contribution to the team is. If you are looking for a AMAZING voice actor look no further! (The project is fully done at this time.)

  • @rakeish

    100% recommend hiring her!! Her voice is really pretty, and her professionalism is on point! She's also really nice and fun to talk to. Definitely somebody you should take into consideration!

  • @sarynthiagallegos16

    She is a very great Voice actress! and always turns stuff in on time, Super sweet and great at her job! I recommend you choose her you won't regret it! :)

  • @rozory

    is so amazeballs that I don’t know how to describe her in words so I give her emojis🤩🤩

  • @ElleVa2

    Working with Kiritofu has been absolutely amazing so far! during this time, she was nothing but kind and turned in her lines just in time! she has a great range variety and don't even get me started on the emotions she plays! she is very understanding and overall has a very serene and tender personality, both to the cast and to the directors themselves! fortunately I had to honour to not only work with them on my own projects, but also being delighted to work alongside her in other projects as well! great VA, 10/10 absolutely recommend!!! 💛👍🏾 

  • @starrytchi

    KiriTofu (or Nyima, whichever she prefers!) is an absolutely amazing voice actor. I've worked with her on my project 'DIFFERENT HOSPITAL: The Movie' (Role: Amanda) and now with my current project 'Locker 79'. (Role: Amber Eiken) And holy heck do I not regret casting her! Kiri gets her lines in ahead of time - for future episodes and such since I do post those scripts - and puts everything into each recording!! Not only that, but she is genuinely invested in the roles she receives, and that is always very lovely and motivating (for a director like me, of course) to see. Her range and ability to do emotion is amazing! Not ONLY these things.. I would also like to note that she is also extremely friendly and fun to have on the cast! If she auditions, do give her a chance. Nyima will not disappoint!

  • @themanakun

    Hey, What are you doing?  Well whatever it is, Stop it and get Nyima Green on your project!  Always excited, always happy and always working.  Nyima is a force to be reckoned with!  Now hop to it, You'd be a fool otherwise... (*shiver*)

  • @ToastTheGreat

    Nyima is such a sweetheart to work with! Her range and acting abilities are nothing to sneeze at. Super responsive and takes into account of feedback after sending in lines. Whenever I see her book a role in a project, I couldn't be more proud of her! To all directors considering on hiring Nyima, please trust me when I say you will not regret having her in your project!

  • @binxtiny_tail

    Gosh, Nyima really surprised me. She’s definitely one of the most talented people I’ve met; took a pretty lacking character and gave them, well, character—I admire that. She’s also really nice, gets her lines in on time, and overall a joy to work with! I hope we’ll be able to work on another project together in the future! And I cannot wait to see how her career will be in a few years! I definitely recommend casting her; she can bring a lot to every project!!   

  • @neurotic

    where do I even BEGIN with Nyima. Nyima is one of the funniest people I have EVER worked with, whether its with a well timed joke or emoji spam, she never fails to get a laugh out of me and other cast members.

    Aside from her as a person, her VA work is unmatched. She gives it 110% everytime she records and my god it shows. Nyima will basically always have what you need on time, in full and with amazing delivery. 

    If Nyima auditions for your project, feel BLESSED. Her work is insanely underrated and she needs to be seen more

  • @kaboomtoons

    Nyima, you are so precious. Directors, I’m telling you, she’s your girl for extra positivity and absolute dedication to her lines. She will do whatever it takes to make her cast members be comfortable and happy. Anyone would be happy to talk to her, honestly. She puts so much emotion in her lines and makes the scenes feel so real and it makes me so happy that she’s putting her amazing skill to use! Love you girl. 🤧❤️

  • @jazaxiee

    Nyima holds the crown for best discounted chips known to man. Not only does she crush those chip sales, but their voicework can blow away markets- that's how incredible she is. 

    Nyima holds an amazing gift in the voiceover world. I've only known them for roughly under two years, but my goodness, I wish it were sooner. Their growth in their journey as a voice actress can inspire millions, starting good and now running at the top with every skill in their lovely soul and voice. 

    I've worked with Nyima in this particular project where she had practiced a character's emotional strengths and weaknesses to a heart-breaking degree. Behind beautiful writing and the tears, Nyima's grasp on the scene and their amazing ability to understand their character made that performance. She made that character come to life with just her voice. She's done it better than anyone I could ever imagine. That's Nyima. That's a voice actor who deserves the stars. 

    Not only can she make a scene so powerful come to the light, but she herself is a light to all. Nyima is a very approachable and considerate person. An active part of the cast, and a lovely friend who brings so much quality through art, voiceover, and companionship, she's definitely a top pick for your project! 

  • 2026 Voice Actor/Actress (Rosal Marin)
  • 2023 Voice Actor/Actress (Amber Eiken)