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About Neurotic

Heyo! I'm Neurotic! I'm 16 years old and have recently gotten back into voice acting after like 3 FREAKIN YEARS!! But it's okay cause in that time I learned how to make music :)


I tend to stick to unpaid roles, as it keeps alot of stress off me, and stops me from thinking "has to be perfect!!" and doing a million takes T-T. Don't get me wrong, I still give every project my all, but paid work adds that extra layer of anxiety yk?

I also tend to stick to Youtube series, such as gacha, animation and dubs. Below you can see my work :)



As a music artist, I always give it my all! I started learning how to make music roughly 4 years ago, and I like to think I've come a long way! Below you will find links to some of my best works! While I didn't produce these (instrumentals n such), I did engineer all vocals, backings and melodies :)


I have VERY little directing experience, and that will probably show in projects. I will still give every project my all, and do my best to make everything as good as it can be. But if you're apart of my projects, don't expect me to perfect please, as I am not :)


Discord: neuroo. (with the .)

Email: lightzbussines @ gmail .com (WITHOUT SPACES)
CCC: :)

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  • @jazaxiee

    Lightz is best boi, always will be best boi U^U His voice is underrated and needs to be acknowledged. MOST OF THE TIME he gets lines in but if he doesn't, cut him some slack because he always has a good reason. He's also pretty active and and pretty easy to get along with, so you'll be surprised how much conversations you'll make with him! So do us both a goddamn favor and like.. click that cast button if he auditions for you uwu
    -Jazaxiee (aka the dumbass who spams Lightz to watch Bambi)

  • @jazaxiee

    I've been working with Neurotic since the beginning of my project and voice acting days. In all that time, they have brought years of amazing quality, whether it be voice lines or music, and a lifetime of friendship that I can't imagine where I would be without. 

    Neuro takes time and effort into their work-- and it shows! They're quick on the job and consider every project aspect. Not one detail is ignored. They account for every little part of the project in their work. Every time I've received their work, I'm amazed at every recording. Whether it'd be their amazing ability to put themselves right in character, right in the setting written and perform as if they know the characters first-hand with natural, smooth delivery, or the pay-attention-to-detail work ethic they fully commit to every time the record button is pressed. Neurotic has never failed to deliver.

    Set aside business, they're an excellent addition to the cast. Even if we weren't close, Neuro still takes the time to be an active cast member in the community and never fails to get a good laugh out of fellow cast members, including myself. If you are reading this testimonial and are thinking of bringing Neurotic to your wonderful project; turn that think into a know and consider them, or better, hire them on the go. Worth it, 100%!

    Neuro is best boi fr

  • @kaboomtoons

    When I tell you, literally jamming out to this guys music on REPEAT! Beat and lyrics got me in my feels; I love it. 

  • @kaboomtoons

    Since CCC wanted to submit my recommendation when I HAVEN’T FINISHED— Anyway, music is fucking fire, totally recommend that. Neuro is just an underrated person, period. He’s such a great person to talk to and just have fun with. Voice acting wise, YOU GUYS NEED TO RECOGNISE HIM WAYYY MORE, like he’s one of those people that need to be brung out into the light and should’ve been forever ago. I’m so proud of you buddy. 🥹❤️

  • @SirSoundz

    Neurotic was a fine, upstanding gent whose voice could fit any role he desired. The lad's just radical and there was a time that I stepped away from a project and this hero took my role and didn't let the character die with me. Through Neurotic the voice lived on and he has the initiative to continue aspiring forward.

  • @thepuglordvas

    Neuro, what about him?

    This dude is good at anything he puts his mind too. Along with that he's super good at his va work and even cleaning up his lines. So if you have the chance you should cast him.

  • @kozykami

    Long story short, Neuro is a GREAT PERSON and you should CAST HIM RIGHT NOW!!!

    Short story long, I have worked with Neuro on multiple projects and occasions, and he has done phenomenal work on each of them, and you will be impressed AND amazed when you hear his voice! This guy can bring life to any character imaginable, so don't hesitate to have him work for you!

    GO GET 'EM!

  • @monnylynne

    Tell me one thing about Neuro that isn't the best, coolest, most wonderful word in the dictionary. You can't. Because, well, this is Neuro we are talking about.

    Neuro and I go way back. We started our VO careers together since 2020 or earlier and we're still striving! Neuro brought wonderful quality and voicework to the projects over the years, and they still, not once, failed at being phenomenal. And if they did, they'll only come back charging back with new and even cooler work in mind. Neuro brings a lot to the project and to a character. There's so many characters out there that I could simply read a small description about, and I would think, "Neuro would rock this role", and I would stand absolutely correct because that's exactly what they do each and every single time without fail. 

    So if you're given the absolute pleasure to work with Neuro, give yourself a pat on the back. You've obviously done good work to have this champion by your side. 

    Be PRO or be UNPRO.. pls be pro :(

  • @k3mbaba

    Neuro is not only a fantastic voice actor, full of emotion and skill, but also is a wonderful director. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Neuro for many projects, and it’s been an absolute pleasure each time. They’re so hard working and understanding as a director, and listen to what everyone has to say. As a voice actor, Neuro holds so much emotion and range, it’s hard to believe how talented Neuro is. I’m proud to say that Neuro is a great friend, and it’s such a joy to have them on the team.