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Hello, Hello! Welcome to my page! I’m Viz, an aspiring voice actress, story writer, artist and even more on the list. I’m so glad to be here voicing characters that your amazing minds create. I wish to make all around me smile with the things I love to do. Wherever you are, have a blessed life! ❤️

  • @dzhjoshua

    Pot is magnificent at doing voice works and I truly appreciate how hard pot works. Pot put a ginormous effect into her lines and it's really cool, Pot won't let you down when it goes to lines because it is breath-taking to her because it like hearing a fresh episode that everyone would invest without getting tired. Behind the sense they're really funny and also talented in different subjects that you wouldn't believe nor guess. Thank you for Pot I am willing to see your voice improve so much more. You can do this. 
    End of story is that Pot is truly hard working and you won't regret such a young VA that has a glory voice. 

  • @thepuglordvas

    Pot is a excellent at what she does and is always a pleasure to have in the cast servers we share. She Is also just a great person to talk to in general.

  • @jazaxiee

    I've known Pot since the very beginning of my voice acting journey, and ever since then, she's done nothing but wonders to the projects she's voiced for, including my own. She's been playing a character of mine since 2020, and that's a long time commitment. She does everything to understand her character and engage with the project. Whether it be her smooth delivery for even the shortest of lines, or her incredible improv where you'd have to take a second look at the script and say, "Hold on... I didn't even notice!" because it's THAT good. She has an incredible talent in bringing a character to life for every character I've seen her record for, and not once has she failed in making that character rise more than the text intended it to. 

    Set aside voiceover detail, she's an amazing addition in any cast server alike. I've worked alongside her in a past project and worked with her for my own, and she's just been nothing but extraordinary. She's easy to talk to and there hasn't been a greater potato like this one in the past 48 years tops. If she ever auditions for your project, spread the good word and cast her. Pot's awesome!

  • @neurotic

    I met Pot through a project AGES ago, and I've seen them here and there, but as of recent I've been talking to them more and my GOD they are underrated. Pot gives it their all in any project they are apart of, and it really does show! 

    Aside from their VA work, Pot is always a great edition to the cast, always up for conversation and is wayyyy too kind towards everyone else. I can share some of my music or VA work, and within 10 minutes they are there hyping me up, and they do it for EVERYONE. I'm very lucky to work with Pot and call them my friend

    If Pot auditions for your project, and you're debating on casting them, stop debating. Reject the reject button, embrace the "Cast Pot" button. I'm proud of all that Pot has accomplished!

  • @SirSoundz

    Personally had the fortune of meeting, working, and hearing Viz bestowed upon me when she and I worked together on a project. Her dedication and sheer raw emotion go crazy with the amount of talent she holds. Viz is extremely respectable, and flexible with her voice so much in fact that her talent will most definitely surprise you. I can't give you a better actress to take onto your project for she will go that extra mile in everything she does. Do yourself the favor and basque in her gifts.

  • @kozykami

    There's a lot to say when it comes to Pot, and you BET it's all positive things! I met her through a project a couple of years ago, and since then, it's all spiraled from there. (In a good way, trust US on this one).

    But jokes aside, Pot is a great addition to have in your cast. She gives delivery better than Door Dash, and she will always give you the reassurance that you won't regret casting her. We both haven't worked under each other yet, but I know that if I was a director, and Pot was one of the cast members, she would do a STUPENDOUS job of giving me the exact lines I need and how I want them. When this girl auditions for your project, REMOVE ALL SECOND THOUGHTS and CAST HER IMMEDIATELY!

    GO GET 'EM!

  • @starrytchi

    To whoever this concerns,

    InviziBombVA - or Pot, as I know them - is an amazing voice actor with a lot of potential. I've only worked with them on projects, but I can tell they enjoy the work they do with all of their heart and soul! I have also gotten to know them through these projects, and may I say, they are extremely friendly and funny!! I enjoy the interactions I have with them.

    If you see them audition, don't think twice, JUST DO IT! Cast them!