Kat Loveland

Kat Loveland

Looking forward to starting a new adventure in Voice Over Work. I also do sound design/audio editing. 

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About Kat Loveland

My voice range is medium, more mature pitch. I've done everything from video editing, to animation to writing novels over the last few years and love to collaborate and try new things. I'll definitely bring an interesting perspective to your projects, I also won't ghost you if I commit to a project. Discord is katloveland


I am new so am willing to negotiate on rates to gain experience.

What Kat Loveland is looking for

I am open to most projects, I can't do the high pitched anime voices though but would love to work on projects that have more mature, interesting female characters. Also open for commercials, documentary, audiobooks and narration.

  • @Amber_Misaki

    Kind person and an amazing voice! Delivers lines very quickly with great quality!

  • @jacob_levy

    Kat is a great collaborator and communicator. She is open to feedback and works hard to make sure she gives exactly the performance you're looking for. I'd recommend her for any project!

  • @koroberts

    I knew I was going to cast Kat as soon as I heard her voice.  She has been easy to work with, very responsive, and as passionate about the project as I am.  

  • @OscarN1N7

    Kat is a wonderful voice actor with great instincts that can really bring a character to life. Lines were delivered very quickly and she was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her!

  • @slightlyinsulting

    Incredibly professional, always on time when it comes to getting her lines in, I highly recommend Kat she's incredibly professional and straight to the point a joy of a VA to have!

  • @wolfyyx

    Kat is the best! She’s very on time and takes all kinds of feedback. She’s always on time with what she does and never disappoints! I see very much potential in her😃

  • @justingroats

    Even though Kat is usually busy with work and things going on in her life, she will provide you with the recording. She approaches great with doing a rough take in order to critique and then provide the final product. She will say when she will be able to deliver and she will deliver. 

    Kat is talented, I recommend her for your work.

    - Justin Groats

  • @shouganai_senpai

    Kat has vision and knew exactly what she wanted. She knew how to guide me in the the right performance she was looking for. I was very please to work with her.

  • @Crowned

    Extremly talented voice actor with a good vocal range and easy to work with. Highly recommend 

  • @akivavita

    Professional, timely, & takes direction well — thrilled to have her onboard the project!

  • @rwp

    I have worked with Kat several times on various projects, but the work she did on my audiobooks is simply sublime. I will continue to hire her voice again and again. If you want quality, Kat is the right choice. 

  • @toastedtoast12

    Kat Loveland is consistent in getting our projects done on time. She has a great voice and has worked with us and understood what we are looking for in voice acting. Overall Kat is great!

  • @jdr_916

    Kat recently did a demo reel for my profile and she was wonderful the whole way through. She coached me, gave me directions and ran me through my paces as an actor. As a VA herself, she’s talented, professional and knows how to have fun with her craft. I cannot recommend her enough for your next project!

  • @themanakun

    Kat's great.  She consistently turns her lines in on time and is very cooperative.

  • @NASoleil

    I was very happy to work with Kat. Multi-talented, interesting and unique voice, with a lot of range. Quick and hard worker, would be a huge asset to any project!

  • @cactuscatcreations

    Very professional in her work. She is very timely in her turnaround times and just overall great to work with! 

    Thank you for all you do! 

  • @robert-eccles

    Kat is an excellent and multi-talented individual. She wrote, directed, and produced my character reel and I could not be happier with what the end result came to be. As an actor in her project Honor Bound, I have found her directing to be clear and concise and that she is rather considerate regarding scheduling, recording, as well as doing retakes. If you end up on one of her projects or decide to get a reel done through her, you will definitely find yourself satisfied with whatever it is you end up doing. You won't regret it.

  • @mike-mishkin

    It's been great working with Kat as a director! Even though I didn't get the part I auditioned for, she kept me around and has been throwing so many fun smaller roles my way. She's great with communication, always tagging the cast in new voice acting opportunities she finds, and clearly wants what's best for everyone. Thanks Kat!

  • @maley_naj

    Katloveland was very professional in our transaction. They were quick with their delivery, and the quality of work was superb. I would recommend 1,000%