Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls - A New Audio Drama@Tragedy_Faye @tinyshroomie_audios 

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About Darkness Falls

Greetings to our faithful listeners, and a warm welcome to those tuning in for the first time. We have a great show for you tonight. Cactus Cat Creations brings you a new story from the creative mind of Tragedy Faye. Darkness Falls is a Noir fairytale that will leave you guessing and wanting more. A story filled with darkness, love, and betrayal.

Be immersed in a diverse cast of characters and follow along with us as the members of the Darkness Falls Yokai Detective Agency are thrown against their greatest foe, a serial killer that claimed the life of one of their own. 

This drama contains BL, also known as Boys Love, or relationships between men, as well as others in the LGBTQIA+ community. This drama is all inclusive.

We are currently holding auditions for several characters of the supernatural variety and are looking for specific parameters for larger roles. We do encourage those starting out to apply, as we are looking to help with outreach and connections for beginning voice actors. 


Our current project is based on outcome and there are no set prices or pay at this moment. 

What Darkness Falls is looking for

We are looking immediately for more voice actors for Darkness Falls.