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About slightlyinsulting

Slightly Insulting Productions is a small team of filmmakers dedicated to producing machinimated content. At this time, we have a multitude of different projects planned for the year of 2023, and so, we are attempting to be as active as ever here on Casting Call Club. If interested in our projects, please, feel free to audition to our current casting calls, or simply send us a private message.

  • @scottdoesyt

    As a fellow member of the casting team, we worked very closely together on a lot of different challenges. They truly care about the company and their team.

  • @sayhalogoodbye

    Voicing Nydia has been a pure pleasure! Very easy crew to work with and I’ve been having a great time with the project!

  • @thethornton

    Ray, Lewis & ALL the folks at Slightly Insulting are simply put: AMAZING at what they do. If you like and/or want jaw-dropping, banger machinimas, make these guys one of your go-to channels to check out!

    - Thornton