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About Kelsey

When I was a kid, my dream job was to be a radio DJ.  I got to do that for a couple of years.  It was the most fun I've ever had on a job but the pay was terrible.  Fast-forward twenty years and I'm getting ready to retire from another job and I want to do this full-time.  

I recently completed a Master of Science in Management, so I understand the business side of the gig.  I've been in the military for the past eighteen years so I understand the importance of commitment and driving through challenges to get the job done.  

Whether you're working on a creative project or against a corporate deadline, you don't have time for flakes.  Let's work together to make something awesome!

Park University - 2017

Bachelor of Science in Management

Instructed by
Wilmington University - 2022

Master of Science in Management

Instructed by
Project Management Institute - 2023

Certified Project Manager

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What Kelsey is looking for

Starting part-time and working toward full-time in 2024.  I want to spend 2022 and 2023 building relationships with professionals involved in long-term diverse projects and with other VAs for work on my personal projects.  

  • @kat-loveland

    Kelsey is great to work with! Gives feedback quickly, knows how to explain what is needed for you to bring the character to life and is open with sharing the process and progress of the project. If you get cast for one of his projects, trust me, you're in good hands

  • @MikaThomas

    If you are working with Kelsey, you will find that communication is prompt, clear, non-judgemental, and fluid.

    Kelsey was an incredibly efficient and no-nonsense manager on their series Un[REDACTED]. I was cast for a part in one episode, received my lines within a day, and was invited to a discord server that was EXTREMELY organized. I only had access to the general chat and where I needed to turn in lines and it helped me feel very clear about what I needed to do. When asked questions, Kelsey was both appreciative and extremely responsive.

    Additionally, I can say the script was impeccable. I was provided a script of  my scene only, with enough information and context to perform it to the best of my ability.

    Finally, I witnessed an exchange in which Kelsey gave honest, but essential and caring feedback to a fellow cast member through discord. This person had questions about their feedback that might have annoyed some directors. Kelsey answered these questions gracefully and generously and honestly. I had great respect for the way Kelsey handled their interaction. I also feel like the individual felt empowered to go redo their work in a way that suited the project, rather than defeated.

    I would absolutely work for/with Kelsey again.

  • @tunnelfox

    I've worked with Kelsey on several projects, all of which were related to his amazing SCP un(REDACTED) series. He has been a blast to work with! He responds quickly to my questions, provides input and background, gives great advice, and once the project is done he'll often send me a MP3 file of it to listen to well before it's release. it's been a blast so far and i can't wait to work with him more on other projects!

  • @korbababcoh

    I worked with Kelsey on his SCP [UN]Redacted project, and he was absolutely professional to the max. Incredibly efficient, incredibly dedicated, and incredibly skilled. Hearing his mastering of audio compiled of submissions from dozens of VAs into a cohesive story where every beat lands naturally and with great attention to detail was incredible. Cannot recommend working with a professional such as him enough. You rock, Kelsey.