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Hello there! 

I am Happytexans7 on youtube! I love to draw and make little animations, my current project is The Marvelous Adventures of Danny deComp which is inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Danganronpa, and Ace Attorney! The show follows Frank Harred, a frog who has dreams of becoming a detective, but is often shut down due to his small stature. After the death of his mentor and his friend being accused of the crime, he runs into a zombi-fied rat named Danny deComp, with hyper anaylizing abilities (much like Sherlock Holmes). Together they decide to join forces to find the true killer and rescue Frank's friend

  • @joshua-cookingham

    I've only provided a few lines for Happy's cartoon series so far, but already, she has been very good to work with.

    Her project is very creative and she has done a great job directing all the actors in their character work. Very pleased to be working with her!

  • @jva25

    What can I say Happy is absolutely fantastic she is kind,professional a wonderful director and so incredibly talented her work is beautiful and her dedication is inspiring. I give Happy the highest recommendation I possibly can she is truly an absolutely joy to work with :)