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Man of many talents, currently working on my writing. I have several degrees from being a certified chef, personal training, to database application design. I have three honorary degrees; Doctorate x2, Masters x1

I have served in the military and done a number of other jobs relating to physical skill sets. My favorite job of all time is blacksmithing. The only job I truly regret ever leaving.


As a creator, I pay you. I list an amount. I am open to negotiation.

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  • @mitch-xander

    Alex is one of nicest, coolest, most generous clients I've ever had the honor to voice act for. He was very polite and understanding with the entire process. And very professional with his payment timeframe. I highly recommend anybody to work with him. It will be a pleasure and a privilege I can assure you. 👍

  • @joshua-cookingham

    Alex was the director/writer of an audio project that he wrote that I was cast in. He was a very gracious director and generous with compensation. Even more so, he showed a level of grit and determination in getting the story completed while going through a very difficult time, which definitely left an impact on us in the cast.
    Would very much recommend him as a director, and I wish him all the best.