About drfunk98

Hi I'm DrFunk98! I'm 25 years old. He/Him, Pan & G-F. I'm an aspiring comic book artist, and I love to voice act! I also edit videos as well! Both visually and SFX wise!

I run two and a half abridged series based around the manga of their respective franchises. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Manga abridged. Our longest series, episode and year wise. 2022 marking the 5th anniversary of the series! And Devilman Manga abridged based on the 1972 series, and currently in the midst of the final episode. And an Evangelion Mangabridged. A project we did initially as an April Fools oneshot. That we chose to turn into a yearly thing until we reach its conclusion.

My friends and I have also done parodies outside of manga and abridged series. Such as a Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works parody. Based off the viewing experience we had when watching it together. And a Gmod series where my friends created a prequel scenario for antagonist of JJBA Golden Wind.

As for fandubs, I made a Portal 2 Lab Rat Fandub. And I've also dubbed two Metal Gear scenes, one from Rising , MGS4 one from the Motion Comic!

I do this to have fun, but if possible, I would to be paid! But of course, don't feel pressured! I hope you will consider me for any projects you are working on! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Price dependent on amount of work required. Can be figured out between me and project head.

What drfunk98 is looking for

Good to passible audio. I care about the quality, but if it's not 100% clean, it's not a huge issue. Just so long as it's clean enough, and there isn't background noise (people talking, pets, cars, etc.) 

I also look for people who are patient, as for some projects, we might not get to a particular role for a long time. 

  • @eman-sdrawkcab

    I have worked with Funk on several projects. Some with him leading, some with me in charge and a few where we're merely castmates, but in every one of them, he gave them his all and would always go above and beyond. If you're looking for a great editor, an amazing voice actor, super artist and fantastic writer, look no further than DrFunk98

  • @rcorp0512

    Dr, Funk is a truly talented and determined voice actor, his work as angelo was truly remarkable and I'm glad to have cast him as such. If you're trying to cast, do yourself a favor and cast Funk!

  • @dcooper

    I must admit.  I got a kick out of listing to dr.funk take as brook from one piece in my mugen video game. I thank you for your help. if you need a protagonist for your projects hire him.
    Ultimate x Crossover by dcooper32 (itch.io)