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About ish

Hi, I'm Ish, a British Voice Actor, Artist, Singer, and Project Manager!

I started VA work this year, but I've been singing and doing onstage acting for much longer. I've also done art pretty much my whole life! 


I enjoy doing high-pitched high-energy characters, young children, snarky and sarcastic anti-heroes, posh maids, androgynous sounding protagonists, anything really! My voice is definitely on the higher pitched end of the scale though, so rumbling villains aren't really my strong point.

Some projects I'm in can found here:


I can do either traditional or digital art in a variety of styles. I'm practicing shading mostly at the moment.

Contact me via:
Discord: ishVA#5351

Email: ish the va (no spaces)


£0.10 per word

What ish is looking for

Video games and animations

I'm NOT interested in:

  • Gacha

  • Minecraft

  • Roleplays

  • FNAF (Most of the time)

  • NSFW

  • @mickey_va

    Ish is always super kind and super communicative! They have a super sweet voice and a great accent! :3

  • @skeleton-artist

    Ish is absolutely amazing to work with. Their voice is so incredible and it is such an enjoyable time working with them. She manages to get everything done on time and wasn't hesitant at all to feedback, and it was absolutely stunning. Truly an honor to work with and would recommend to anyone at all looking for an amazing voice.

  • @ross-k

    Bash Street Kids in SPORTS DAY. Ish provided some very useful additional voices for a comical audio tale adapation I was making. Provided quick and clean audio that was easy to implement. Easy to get on with and an excellent V.A. Highly recommended.

  • @Jolleh

    Ish is an extremely talented VA, artist, and writer capable of a wide range of voices. A really great person to work with and overall an amazing person. I highly recommend them!

  • @voicesofwynn

    Ish voiced a 7 year old hobbit child for one of our quests. The voice she gave him could not have been better. Ish also gave us multiple takes for all the lines to choose from while also sending in the lines fast. Definitely a pleasure to work with!

  • @ollie_mikumango

    Where do I start, Ish delivered an exceptional performance, my project needed her to scream and my goodness I got the best scream I’ve heard from a VA. Their spoken lines were also incredible, and she’s also just a lovely person to talk to and work with, both funny and friendly. They were passionate about the project and got lines in on time. I would highly recommend Ish for future VA opportunities, but maybe I’m bias, I gotta support my fellow Brit.