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About AndreのAndre™

Equipment Currently:
- Focusrite Scarlett Solo
- Rode NT1 (previously used Audio Technica AT2035 Mic)
- Adobe Audition
(mixed, mastered, and EFX all done by me)
I currently record my VO inside a Snap Studio Portable Vocal Booth.

[Noise floor hits at -80 to -78db.]

Discord: andreandersonvo
Email: VOAndreAnderson @

It'd be a pleasure working with you!



What AndreのAndre™ is looking for

I generally look to be a part of original video game, animation, commercial, and
projects. Fan-made are good also!

  • @AndrewDippe

    I have worked on a couple of projects with him and he is reliable, kind, and very open to directions! I can’t recommend him anymore. He has the talent as well to back it up.

  • @harlangreenborough

    Andre is beyond exceptional. He applied for a challenging lead-role on my project WRATH OF THE TAROT KINGS. His audition was standout, his performance was consistent, his sound quality was perfection, and he had an excellent understanding of the script/character. 

    But what made Andre so great to work with was his soft skills. He was friendly, communicative, co-operative and worked with minimal direction. He was punctual and worked well under the pressure of a tight deadline. These skills will make any director/producer's life easier. 

    He's not just a talented voice performer, he is an actor, he helped bring my vision to life and I would recommend that anyone hire him. I would work with him again in a second. 

    10/10 stars 

  • @rainedrops

    I found them through a mutual acquaintance, and asked them to participate in a semi-impromptu project I wanted to do (, they were able to get back to me swiftly, and was quite satisfied with the results :)

    Powerful yet tender, 10/10. I believe he'd be a good fit for creative projects with even bigger ambition than myself; it'd be a waste for him taken under consideration for your own project(s)! I look forward to seeing (listening) to whatever he's involved with in the future~