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About cgy95

I'm a solo creator who creates Fallout New Vegas fully voiced quests. I like to create quests for fun and like to share them with others!

  • @voiceoversbymaryann

    Cgy95 is awesome to work with. If you get the chance to audition for any of his mods, definitely do it. He is a total professional and an amazing creative. It was a pleasure to work on his mod Fallout New Vegas: Race to the Bottom!

  • @mitchleschinski

    It was an absolute DREAM working with cgy95 on his project "Fallout: New Vegas - Race to the Bottom(a free DLC). His vision, writing, collaboration, direction all make working with him so fun! There was no pressure, only kind direction, great communication, and simple instructions from day 1. I hope to work with cgy95 as long as he is making content!

  • @ldydrgnflm

    Fallout New Vegas- Race to the Bottom was my first video game voiceover and cgy95 made it perfectly clear in the script how everything should be formatted. He was communicative about his scheduling to review the lines and did so in a very timely manner. His welcoming attitude and love for the project made it all the more satisfying to complete.  

  • @Johnny_Fox

    I provided voicework for cgy95’s Fallout: New Vegas mod project Race to the Bottom and it was a breeze to work with him. The scripts were clearly formatted to provide context and direction for the lines, whilst also allowing a certain degree of flexibility to alter portions of dialogue so long as the spirit of the intent was captured. He was very accommodating in answering any questions I had, gave clear instructions for how he wanted the audio files submitted and was expedient with payment. I’d be happy to work with him again and would heartily recommend auditioning for any future roles he posts to the site.

  • @elusivevoice

    Knows exactly what they want from their actors and is very kind and professional! I would be very happy to work with them again in the future. :)

  • @ichorum

    I lent my voice to cgy95's Fallout: New Vegas mod, 'Race to the Bottom' (It's free, so download it when you get the opportunity!), and had an excellent time working with him. All of the direction in the script and over direct channels that he provided was well articulated, with clear context to find my roots in the character and an openness to improv that allowed me to draw out the character I was portraying. He was available when I had questions and was open to listening to ideas for lines. Cgy95 was eager for any feedback and gave great feedback to me in kind. I've been keeping an eye on his project since completing my voice over and it seems to be a common theme - he has a great ear for talent, and a great sense of communication, writing, and coordination.

  • @deleted626465

    So incredibly kind, patient, and organized. Super easy to work with and was diligent about sending scripts and asking for retakes. The caliber of the project should show what a wonderful CD and producer they are. I’m definitely very impressed and look forward to working with them again. 

  • @austinwilleke

    Cgy95 is an absolute delight to work with, and I was able to rpovide voice work for his new mod Fallout New Vegas: Race to the Bottom. He has great large concept ideas for his projects, which are then followed up with quality scrips, quick response times, and clear direction. Any projects he has in the future I would love to work on, and I encourage anyone looking for a great voice acting experience to work with him if you get the chance!  

  • @josh-smith

    I worked with Cgy95 on their FNV: Race to the Bottom mod and it was a fantastic experience all around. Cgy95 was always very welcoming, thoughtful and professional throughout the project. The final script did end up being quite a bit bigger than originally thought but Cgy95 was very gracious in working around my schedule, giving me a lot of flexibility to work through it at a manageable pace and compensated me more than fairly for the additional work. The quest concept was compelling and the script/characters were all really well written. Even so,
    Cgy95 was very open to feedback and collaboration on the script. Throughout the project we chatted a good bit about the character and the pacing/emotion/delivery of the dialogue and collaborated to bring even more life to it in a few places. This was an incredibly rewarding project to work on and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend any VA to audition for any of their projects in the future. I really think they have a bright future and I can't wait to see what story they write next!

  • @andoservis

    I did voice work for cgy95 on his project Fall Out Vegas 'Race To The Bottom'. He's such a great professional. Friendly, respectful & really prompt with communication. He made feel like I was a part of a great project, rather than merely a 'means to an end' like some other people have. Continued to be helpful and supportive even after the my work was completed. I can assure you that you'll enjoy working with him :)