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About Aloe_


Name: Aloe

Nickname: Al

Pronouns: She/her

Gender: Female

Age: 13-16

VA Experience: I've been voice acting since Oct. 8, 2020

Second Account: AloeVA

Hello! I've moved accounts to the one listed above.


Discord: AloeVera#8441

Email: alqeVO(

Instagram: @alqeva

  • @darling-donutcat

    Aloe is amazing! Her voice is so pretty and she is really nice to work with. She is very hardworking and you should hire her 100% You wont regret working with her ^^

  • @sunny-bxnni

    Aloe puts so much effort into each and every audition she’s done and I honestly think she deserves to be casted into SO MUCH MORE PROJECTS. Her talent for voice acting is AMAZING and she’s such a nice person ^^ You won’t regret casting her at all!

  • @bna_va

    She's good. Like really.

  • @deleted440809

    Aloe is just very very pog.

  • @lusaerys

    Aloe is the absolute sweetest fellow VA I've had the pleasure of working with, she submits impeccable voice work and is so supportive towards her coworkers. You'll have no regrets casting her; in other words, POG

  • @sunny-bxnni

    You need more recommendations.
    This girl- Oh god. I have no words. Her voice work is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Aloe has such an amazing personality along with such a sweet voice! If you're considering receiving voice work from Aloe, just cast her! I 100% guarantee you won't regret it. Anyhow, love ya!

    -Sunny coming to burn your house 👀

  • @nixill

    Hello, to everyone who Is reading this.
    I just want to say that, I might not have been in any projects with aloe, but her voice is stunning! Her auditions have made me mind blown, and I just have to add that she is EXTREMELY kind and nice!! She has been acting for 5 months now, as she said, and it’s really good for that amount of time. I think Aloe is a passionate VA and will NOT BE A DISSAPOINTMENT, I CAN GUARANTEE THAT 100000%!!
    Yours truly, nixill/Akaru ♡︎

  • @emiriiva

    As someone who has seen a lot of her work, I can guarantee you she is the perfect pick for a female voice actress. Her work is absolutely outstanding, honestly she seems so professional it’s almost scary. She puts so much effort into everything she does, and it creates a beautiful end product. She is one of the sweetest and most humble people I know, she values teamwork and I have not once seen her fight with anyone. If you’re looking for a kind and reliable voice actress, Aloe would be the perfect choice!

  • @gallicat100

    Holy smokes where do I start! Aloe is such an amazingly talented Voice Actress! The way that she nails every emotion in her lines truly amazes me! It's clear that every line she submits has been thought through and there is a lot of effort behind it! Aloe is such an affectionate person and honestly is so fun to be friends with!
    I would 100% recommend Aloe to voice act for you!!

  • @mellowyt

    Aloe Is amazing, she is PERRRRRRRRFICT for voicing low voiced characters! She is definetly the person u need to cast! She can also do high voices, so if you ever need a voice actress right away, Aloe is the right person for u. Mellow signing out!