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About James C Taylor

I am the head writer / producer of My Amazing Woman. I have written other audio dramas for Time Well Electronic Recording Productions and voice acted in some others. I was a radio writer and announcer for many years. I have assembled a good team of voice artists, directors, and sound engineers and am looking for a few more people to add to the roster.

  • @dkvoicesvary

    Being part of My Amazing Woman has been an outstanding experience start to finish, and James has been instrumental as part of the experience. He creates a top quality podcast, and is an easygoing and organized presence throughout the recording process. I really hope that my character Penny can come back in some fashion so I can work with James again. Bravo James! Lastly, all of you folks out there would do well to show his work your support whether you audition, work on his crew, or serve as a financial backer. You won't be disappointed.

  • @faithd

    When I read the first script for My Amazing Woman, I was intrigued. Then I had a zoom meeting with James, and I was delighted. He is a consummate professional, with a great sense of humor. I'd work with him again in a second. 

  • @ofallonvoiceover

    James is a talented, creative, and kind person. I have enjoyed working with him on the awesome podcast, My Amazing Woman. Excellent, compelling, engaging, and often very funny script with a great cast. James keeps it all together. Highly recommend!

  • @nicolebee

    I have had the pleasure of working alongside James many years ago, and delighted to be invited to work on his latest project My Amazing Woman. He is passionate, committed, fair and above all a generally lovely guy :)

  • @kingar

    I was recently chose for a lead role in the My Amazing Woman series. It's been exciting working with Mr. Taylor. He's big on communication and very straight forward (which is important). I appreciate how responsive he is and open to dialogue. I would happily work with Mr. Taylor and his team again.