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I am a film/voice actor with a theatre background. In addition, I am an alto/soprano (range C3-E6), have experience singing as a soloist and in choral settings, and can write original music for guitar and piano.  I look forward to working with you and helping to make your project a success!

  • @dkvoicesvary

    I was so honored to be a fellow voice actor with Becca on Erai’s Destiny. She served as a de facto leader when the director was unavailable, and her conviviality helped bring the cast together. Her voice is also gorgeous, both singing and speaking! I look forward to working with Becca on subsequent episodes and she is a talent to watch.

  • @dreamcatchergs

    Becca is one to watch out for! She is immensely skilled and professional in both her craft as an actor and as a musician. Becca is a natural leader and a joy to work with. She shows a deep understanding of not just her own character, but the others in the show, the themes of the work, and how the characters contribute to that, and she puts the work in to understand it on an advanced level. As an actor, I can feel confident working on a scene with her, because I know she has done the work to help lift me up, as I hope I can for her as well. It is a privilege to act alongside her.

  • @hse

    Becca is an outstanding actress, singer, and music composer! Her diverse talent and ability to adapt is simply remarkable. She brings something new to any project she works on, and her friendliness, professionalism, and talent will elevate your project to a whole new level. She is truly a joy to work with, and a fantastic talent to look out for.

  • @learntrainplay

    Rebecca is a fantastic actress both in front of the camera and behind a microphone. She is also an extremely talented musician. I am lucky enough to be working beside her on several projects and cannot speak highly enough of her character and work ethic. Any project would be better with her in it.