Hey, I'm Dexter. I hope my voices make you feel things.

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  • @deleted524466

    Dexter was extremely easy to work with. Responded to requests on time, very punctual. Went above and beyond with work. Shows lots of enthusiasm. I recommend Dexter for your project!

  • @dinosaurclub

     I met Dexter on an audition, and first off was blown away by the care, delivery, and talent. I wasn't expecting this kind of skill on Castingcall.club, but the guy came in with 2 different auditions and just killed it. But what really stood out to me about him, was his professionalism, the way this guy handles the business and this craft is outstanding. He's someone I personally will have on call when I need a specific voice. I highly recommend Dexter.

  • @Manticoreparx

    Was a huge help for my student film, I couldn't ask for better talent. I also saw his other auditions and he is very versatile in range. Seriously I can see this guy going places!

  • @teddytoons

    Dexter did an incredible job voicing Donatello and Raphael in my Last Ronin comic dub. He submitted the lines on time and sounded exactly like how I imagined these characters to sound. 

  • @tales_to_see

    An amazing talent and great performer! I had Dexter Howard voice one of my characters in my animated short film and I could not have asked for anyone better. Dexter is great to work with, very professional, and easy to talk too. His voice recordings are clean and great quality, and to top it all off, his performances are amazing. I worked with Dexter for a short time, but I will be defiantly asking for him again! I would recommend Dexter for anyone's project.

  • @aaronthepyroman

    This voice was totally awesome and well-talented! I hope this it will be perfect on the upcoming roles from Azure Moonlight comic dub projects! I am highly recommended this voice.

  • @ross-k

    Whoops! Where's My Trousers? Dexter provided an amazing voice over for 1 episode of my web sketch comedy show, The Faction of Farce. He totally understood the beats, tone, and stupidity I wanted. A+ deliverance.

  • @mattman

    Dexter was one of the Male Caller and the Van Driver for my Hotline Miami project. Had a lot of lines and did an amazing job portraying the characters. Gave great audio quality, performances, and in a timely fashion.

  • @Flowers_from_Daisy_Studios

    It was fun working with him^^ I hope to work with him again on future projects^^

  • @robinjohnson

    Dexter is an excellent voice actor with a versatile voice range, and a pleasure to work with.

  • @EnSkithogSager

    Dexter has an extreme talent, he captured two totally different characters in my project flawlessly. It has been nothing but a pleasure working with him. A strong recommendation!

  • @sally_basler

    Dexter Howard does an incredible job as the Siren King and Siren Guard 1 in my upcoming animated miniseries, "Dog Days of Duplicity". His lines were delivered well before the deadline and with amazing audio quality and fabulous energy! He has just the voice we were looking for and has certainly brought a great deal of character to his role. Highly recommend.

  • @Dietplums

    Dexter Howard provided an excellent gangster voice for a character in my upcoming project

    Would highly recommend 

  • @ollievoices

    Dexter gave me exactly what I needed for a bandit. His voice was creepy, crazy, and so fun.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    What can I say about DHowiedoit? Well, I'll tell you. Firstly, let me just say that they were a great pleasure to work with. Very friendly, very passionate about their work, and very eager to do what they do. Secondly, they had a quick turn around rate that was amazing. I was able to get the script out and get the work back in a very swift manner that made working on the mod we worked on - Encounters of The Mojave - The Fort - much easier and much quicker. I would gladly work with them again if given the chance, and I highly recommend their services to anyone they audition for.

  • @silent-thrill

    Completely nailed the VO on my project and a gentleman, highly recommend!