Robin Johnson

Robin Johnson

Maker of audio drama, stage plays, interactive fiction games, music and other stuff

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About Robin Johnson

Robin is a playwright, audio drama maker, and creator of interactive fiction games. He is the writer and producer of Untrue Stories, a science fiction comedy audiodrama about the time travelling adventures of classic science fiction authors, and is also co-writing and producing Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals, an upcoming audio series based on Bitter Karella's Hugo-nominated social media microfiction The Midnight Pals.


Happy to do some free voicework (for projects where nobody else is making money)—it'd be nice to give back to the audiodrama community, as my own AD projects have been just for fun (so far).

What Robin Johnson is looking for

I like surreal comedy and think audio is a perfect fit for surreal SFF—my all-time favourite audio show is the original Hitchhhiker's Guide radio series.

  • @david-court

    Robin is an incredibly talented individual, with great passion and enthusiasm for his work - and a thoroughly decent chap to boot.

  • @johnserrano

    Robin was an absolute pleasure to work with! You can easily tell he is passionate, caring, and authentic in his work as a creator and director. I greatly appreciate Robin's dedication, passion, and professionalism. Don't hesistate to work with him! 

  • @JuliaDrake

    A pleasure to work with, fully transparent.  Everything was just so easy and that was appreciated.  I'm impressed by the production (Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals), very engaging.

  • @joelbutler

    Robin is an amazing producer able to create lovely music and soundscapes and get everyone sounding like we’re in the room together. He is also a good voice actor bringing several characters to life. Do not hesitate to audition for him or cast him in your production