Hi! I'm Ollie, and I'm a 21 year old college student studying Film, Sound design, and acting. I'm producing a show called "Graven" which already has an episode out and another one on the way soon!

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University of Colorado Boulder - 2023

CINE 3700 Cinema Audio Design

Instructed by Christopher Pearce

Learned how to create cinema soundscapes, learned Davinci Resolve Fairlight interface, mixing music, SFX and AMB, and foley recording


A half-eaten granola bar would do fine.

What OddlyOllie is looking for

Looking for experience with projects that need a wide range of voices and not just "basic anime boy number four thousand." I can do a medium range midwest or southern american accent, heavyset deep cockney, or very shrill and goblin-like. Check out my voice reel.