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About Becca VA

Hey, I'm Becca! I'm currently one of the casting directors for Smash Highschool. I love looking for talented actors and actresses! During my spare time when I'm not casting people, I VA! 

Although I'm still an amateur, I would still love to VA for any projects that you need as my voice can extend to a variety of pitches, tones etc...  If you'd like to get hold of me you can contact me via discord (Becca#3571) or Instagram (oh.__.becca). Hope you consider casting me for your next project!

  • @aphroditegachas

    Oh Beccaa....Sassy Miss Becca.. How do I even start off with you?
    As a director, Becca has always been very mature and professional about work, which really surprised me as she has just started off. I could really see the change in her voice acting. Not only she is a splendid voice actor, she is also a very hard worker and for sure lights up every room with sass and class. She always offers to help and is always there when you need her. The way she incorporates her humorous personality in her acting is phenomenal. I truly believe that Becca will be an amazing addition in your team.

  • @ariadne-bree

    She is amazing,stunning,talented and is crazy
    jokes aside
    She is a great friend and an incredible va, (u get a 2 in 1 package teehee) She is very professional about her work, and is the kindest person ever and will do anything for her friends.