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Hello! My name is Cynder, and I go by she/they pronouns. I am a young, aspiring voice actor, author, and artist of multiple mediums.

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  • @akp

    How does Cyn not have any recommendations yet?! Well, I'm taking this into my own hands then, Cyn is a wonderful person in general to be around, and she brings such a great personality and energy to any project she's in. She is not only a talented VA, but she's also a stellar artist, singer, and writer! If you're looking for someone committed, responsible, or generally amazing to be around, Cyn is a great choice! A truly great addition to your team, you won't regret casting her.

  • @deleted207585

    OK! Cynder auditioned for one of my projects and I was BLOWN away with how good her voice acting is! I went through and listened to her other auditions and I was amazed by her work! I wish her the best of luck in the future!

  • @vanetia

    Not only is Cyn a wonderful director, but their voice acting abilities are amazing. They always surprise me with their vocal range and accents. I highly recommend her as a VA!