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Hello! I'm DivineVA
Hello! I'm known as Divine or DivineVA and I'm a newbie voice actor, I usually do Low to Medium pitched female roles! I have about 5 years of VA'ing experience, if you want me to voice in your project just send me a PM!
I'm usually involved in the hoyoverse space notably doing voices for Kafka and Lisa in fandub projects.
I look forward to working with you!

  • @akp

    Oh god, where can I even start with Cosmics?! She is one of the most passionate and talented people I have ever met on this site! She's an absolute joy to work with, with a very easy to work with and just genuinely great to chat to! She can also be professional when needed, providing great, quality audio in a short amount of time, and her emotions really shine through in her recordings. She has very creative and original ideas, and is overall a great person to work with and be friends with! I am honoured to say I'm a part of one of her projects!

    In short, Cosmics is a very passionate and friendly VA who is an absolute joy to work with!