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About Rippilie

I'm a writer, artist and project creator who has previously worked on and contributed to many danganronpa fan projects! 

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    Ripple. Bro. How can one person be so talented? Ripple is an incredible person, both to work with and talk to. She's incredibly dedicated to her work and projects, doing so much work daily on her own endeavours. She is an incredible artist- each and every piece looks really put together and professional, and there is so much detail it's just- insane. She's great at writing, her characters feel so lifelike and have such interesting development, and worldbuilding? Chef's kiss. She is so talented- and jesus chrust Ripple are you okay you do so much in Antebellum do you want help-

    Ripple is an incredibly compassionate and kind person and will be there if you need her. She's really funny as well, and just a joy to talk to. She might have questionable taste in men, but I agree ginger girls are pretty (roy don't kill me please)! She is really cool and valid and yeah- glad I've been able to rp and talk with her.