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    sonic and friends 

  • @MirrorKirby123

    He got everything done that I asked him to, and his voice worked very well for what I needed. 9/10. Would recommend.

  • @SprinkleSkiesVA

    Beably is an amazing Director, Voice actor and friend all wrapped up in one package. On the director side he manages things extremely fairly yet orderly and always makes sure things get done. On the VA side he's constantly voicing characters out of his comfort zone and giving it his all. I can tell he really puts his heart into everything he does. I'd gladly work for him or with him again and again in a heartbeat.

  • @Trina022

    Beably was a previous director of mine and everything was managed very well! He made sure everything was done in a timely manner and in my time being managed by them, he did a very good job balancing directing a fairly large cast. 

    TLDR they are a good director and very easy to work with! Would recommend!