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Beginning VA from California currently living in Georgia and I speak fluent English and broken Russian .My natural voice is medium to higher register but I can go higher to a standard anime teen/ young adult protagonist voice. I can also go a little lower to simulate an antagonist. Or I can add a gruffness to my voice at all ranges. My YouTube is still new but once I figure out a good niche, I will upload. Thanks for the visit and an email will be provided for inquiries at request. 

ALSO: If you are going to message me on Discord, please state your intentions in a brief message so I know you are not SPAM.

  • @miragecrew

    An excellent talent! Showed the emotions of the character very well and was fast on line turn-in. Definitely recommend!

  • @xaviersims

    Xavier, who kind of ironically has the same name as me, was fun to work with and will hopefully continue to do so in the future. He played George in my recent audio drama, "Kat".See Xavier PZ in my recent audio drama, "Kat"!

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    Xavier Perez. This dude approached me on a FNV mod titled NCR Marines - NCR Special Forces and offered to voice a Former Raider voice type. Hooo boy.

    This guy did GREAT! When the script called for shouting and cussing in combat, he gave it his all. From loud taunts heard over the gunfire to genuine sounding cries of pain when hit. With regards to regular dialogue? When the script called for him to threaten someone, he did it stunningly. When the script called on him bemoaning his boredom, you could genuinely believe the NPC was disgruntled, and when the script called on him to hit on a female character, he was just perfect.

    In the end, I highly recommend Xavier and hope to see him again in future projects.

    Proof of work received:


  • @shk

    Had a great experience working with Xavier. Excellent voice acting skills, great at following direction, and an overall pleasant person.

    Highly recommended. 

  • @joshua_pedder

    Lines were delivered quickly and sounded exactly how I wanted them! He's got a great voice, so I recommend casting him for your project! 

  • @chibijo1994

    Xavier was on time and did a fantastic job. He followed my instructions to the T. If you want someone who will be a team player and give it their all. Xavier is on that list.

  • @xaviersims

    Xavier PZ was fun to work with. He was Terragust in my latest
    audio drama, The Stoutkeepers. I recommend checking him out!
    The Stoutkeepers (Audio Drama)