Author/Voice Director/Actor.

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About JesseP94

I am a voice director/actor and author of 2114 Resurgence of War who lives in California.

What JesseP94 is looking for

Mainly here to find voice actors to work with, but I'll try to take part in a project when I can.

  • @xaviersims

    I had the honor of working on the music for KnightofSol94's 2114 project. Very straight-forward with his direction for the music and overall passionate about the project he's working on. 

  • @hoo24

    Had a great time working with KnightofSol94.
    His calls and instructions are crystal clear. I would recommend KnightofSol94

  • @GrafZeppelin

    I had the pleasure of working with KnightofSol94 - he was very accommodating when I got sick and had troubles meeting his deadline and was very understanding. He was great to work with and always replied quickly to questions, despite our massive time difference. I hope that I can work with him again in the future and definitely recommend other VAs to work with him!

  • @sophiasaunderson

    KnightofSol was an incredible director and was full of passion for his projects. He is very clear on what he wants you to do, and he is very professional. Do highly recommend!

  • @pmccook

    I had the pleasure of working with KnightofSol94 on his 2114: Resurgence of War project. He knew exactly what he wanted to hear from me, even taking time to review some of my other auditions so he could communicate the exact sound he needed from me. He was very professional and encouraging the entire time, and I highly recommend him!

  • @deleted742147

    KnightofSol94 is a great person to work with. Despite me being new and making a few mistakes they helped me with the mistakes. They are very understanding and helpful.

  • @kevmurphy1603

    I had the pleasure of doing one of my first projects with KnightofSol94, I loved working on his project of 2114 Resurgence of War.
    Despite living on the other side of the world, we both managed to find away to work well with each other and and he was super amazing for giving me extra time to get my parts done due to the time-zone differences.
    I hope I get the pleasure of working with him again in the future!

  • @mrdaniramo

    KnightofSol is great to work with, they have a clear picture of what they want in the project and gives good feedback.

  • @liebou-vo

    I have worked with KnightofSol94 more than once so far. It is a wonderful and comfortable experience to work with him, and his feedback is delivered quickly and in a meaningful way. Whether you are an experienced voice talent or just starting out (like I am), you cannot go wrong by working with KnightofSol94 on any of his projects!

  • @taryn_kay

    Jesse has been great to work with on 2114 The Series. He gives clear instructions and is organized and responsive. I look forward to future projects with him and would recommend him.

  • @deleted659186

    Easy & clear person to work with. Would definitely recommend working with him!

  • @cassandrahaswell

    Knightofsol has been an absolute joy to work with. very clear directions allowed me to experiment and play with the style of voice highly recommend  .

  • @gracetrombs

    Very organized and clear direction on his project. Definitely recommend working with Knightsofsol, seamless experience! 

  • @isojames

    Absolutely fantastic to work with!  Very patient and keeps everyone updated and in the loop with updates for the project.  Highly recommend and hope to continue to work for KnightofSol.