Julia Drake

Julia Drake

An amateur audio drama producer, narrator and voice actor, from small beginnings.  This still continues, despite the fact it often takes an inordinate amount of time to create a six minute production.  I must love it.

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About Julia Drake

Narration, voice acting, sound design and fun.



Make me an offer.  I have no set rate.

What Julia Drake is looking for

I enjoy narration and absorbing roles.  I do it for the enjoyment and to contribute to cool stories.  This looked like a well-organised place where I could browse around looking to develop a bit more.

  • @robinjohnson

    Julia got the part down perfectly and the recording in promptly. I'd definitely work with Julia again and so should you.

  • @tomtempo

    Such a nice person to work with! Very kind and amazing VA!

  • @xaviersims

    Julia was great to work with. She'd be a great fit if you have a certain role that needs to be filled.

  • @zedbeforebed

    Julia was a fantastic and generous talent, both with her acting of the highest quality, her friendly attitude, and her impressive ability to take feedback and provide alternate takes without any loss in acting quality.

    To anyone searching for their next voice over actor, I highly recommend you take a moment and reach out to Julia.

  • @zedbeforebed

    Julia's a superb talent who truly impressed me while collaborating on our upcoming indie game.  She breathed life into her character perfectly, adding her unique brand of charm with perfect nuance. Julia consistently delivered lines quickly and flawlessly, and whenever we offered directorial notes, she incorporated them with ease, that only enriched the final performance further.  I highly recommend her!

  • @robinjohnson

    Julia has been an excellent voice actor in two episodes (so far) of "Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals". She's talented and versatile and professional and you should cast her!