Top tier tones for voice over, singing, impressions, narration, and toons for your projects. 

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$10 per 100 words.
Negotiable rates available.

What Toon.Tone is looking for

I am primarily a Voice Over artist for celebrity impersonations and cartoon impressions, singing, audio book narration, and YouTube. My goal is to make a living though and establish myself in the VA world as a credible, versatile performer, a chameleon voice artist, and continue to work through and for the business of character voices. I joined CCC to further this dream goal of mine while meeting other like minded professionals who share the same passion for creating unforgettable vocal performances that enrich and entertain those who hear them. If you'd like to know more, drop me a line. For now, (to quote the master) that's all folks!

  • @squil

    I've known Toon Tone for a few years now, his voice is amazing. He can give you any voice you want; aged, youthful, and any impersonation you could ever need, be it celebrities or cartoon characters, all with great acting to boot!

  • @droopycat

    He’s very talented, his voice impressions are on-spot, easy to cooperate with, and very creative in ad-libing his roles. As a person, he’s generally very funny and a guy you’d get along with. Toon.Toon is highly recommended for any project or production! I assure you, his performances will blow you away!

  • @asia-2024-voice


    You're invited!

  • @stonethebetterleader

    You gotta hear his impressions. He can nail almost every voice in EXISTENCE. Especially Sonic. I highly recommend you work with him. He is a perfect voice actor!

  • @thatguyrickreed

    This guy's voices rock!

  • @VoyceBocz

    I have known this performer for a very long time and they always go above and beyond any expectation. They are a valued credit to any project they are a part of and a delight to work with. I look forward to hearing more of your work!

  • @angiexcait

    Very talented VA! They were fast with the replies and pretty much saw what I wanted with this small project!

  • @agent0fluffy

    Toon Tone is an amazing VA! He does really great with sending in lines and takes direction really well! I highly recommend him for your projects!

  • @pedroprovina

    Toon.Tone might be one of the most gifted voice actors I ever met through this website. He’s a very good listener, which makes him able to figure out how to replicate voices with different styles and/or range in a way that not many people can. I can tell by listening to his audios that he is always having fun recording his lines and bringing his all to the performance. We've been working together in a few projects including my own Looney Tunes comic dub projects, and he’s a wonderful person to work with and to talk to. He’s a great friend and I can’t recommend him enough!

  • @hungryheracross

    Toon.Tone is one of the best impressionist VAs I have ever met. He nails every role given to him, as well as just being rather approachable and knowledgeable about relevant topics, I have had the honour of working with them on a few projects, and he just knocks it out of the park, every time.

  • @weirado

    A pleasure to work with, He got me my needed audio files at a great quality. Would 100% recommend!

  • @auraterrorbird

    He does a FANTASTIC Bugs Bunny voice!

  • @Charlie_Vered

    Can't say much that hasn't been said already to be honest (Not to mention that I still don't know why I forgot to follow him untll now 😅) But what I can truly say is that the guy is straight up gold, heck of a guy to work with 💯. And for the little time that it was working/hanging out with him, I can safely admit without a doubt that he's a really good person and he will always have your back. Thanks man for everything, dabble on! So like a wise man from french japan once said: "All in good juju".

    *Btw you better get that trademarked at this point seriously dude 😂.

  • @ant0on

    Toon.Tone has a pretty excellent range, cartoony but not too over the top. He gave a lot of great takes, even ad-libbing a few lines as well. He is definitely someone to hire for voices.

  • @ant0on

    Toon.Tone has a pretty excellent range, cartoony but not too over the top. He gave a lot of great takes, even ad libbing a few lines as well. He is definitely someone to hire for voices.