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About Agent0Fluffy

I'm a singer and voice actress. I have a YouTube channel. I do fanfic readings as well. I'm also a full fledged Brony! I have been doing voice acting since 2012!

SuchaVoice - 2017

Commercial and Narration

Instructed by
SuchAVoice - 2023


Instructed by Angela Castonguay

Email my agent for prices.

What Agent0Fluffy is looking for

I’m looking for Brony/MLP related projects mostly.

  • @kiles-the-geek

    Agentfluffy is a really sweet and talented pony. She works hard and makes sure that everyone is on the same page. A lot of fun to work with!

  • @xuan-vinh

    Agent0Fluffy was a great person to work with, she provided easy access for lines required to do and was a blast to record for. Her works are very enjoyable regardless of quality and I admire her ability to keep on producing different works!

  • @adrian-delgado

    Super friendly and kept me up to date on the project as needed! Also delivered the script quickly so that I could get to work right away! Would love to work with them again!