Christopher J. Kalen

Christopher J. Kalen

I am 19 and I'm working my hardest to become a Professional Voice Actor!

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About Christopher J. Kalen

I am a 19-year-old voice actor who is building my experience and talent through inspiration from tv, video games, and Anime. I use my acting experience to increase the range of emotion for each character I voice! I also have been told to have a wide variety of vocal ranges and different accents for characters who typically have no voice at all. My goal is to become a professional voice actor in anime, video games, cartoons, audiobooks, and, commercials. 


Negotiable depending on the employers budget

What Christopher J. Kalen is looking for

I'm looking for projects that have an orderly schedule and dedicated creators and cast members, a project that will help me make a name for myself, while also providing for others with my performance!

  • @CaseyLCovel

    I had a great experience with Chris. He provided clear communication and hassle-free direction in my role. He's friendly, personable, and passionate about what he does. I would happily work under him again.